There are 2,000 Steam Deck Verified games, but 1,000 Unsupported

Valve confirms that the Steam Deck Verified games list, including 'Playable' games, is over 2,000 - but the Steam Unsupported list is growing

The Steam Deck Verified games number over 2,000 - but 1,000 are Unsupported

The Steam Deck Verified games list now numbers over 2,000, Valve confirms. The list, which includes “Playable” games, has doubled in less than a month – but unfortunately, so has the Steam Deck Unsupported games list, which numbers over 1,000 at this point.

Since the Steam Deck released in February, the team at Valve has been working to check out all of the thousands of games on Steam to see if they’re compatible with the Steam Deck. The games marked as “Verified” or “Playable” have quickly grown, and Valve now reports that it has “recently passed 2,000 Verified and Playable titles for Steam Deck, over half of which are Steam Deck Verified.”

That means roughly 1,000 games each for Verified and Playable. Unfortunately, PCGamesN checked the SteamDB list for Steam Deck “Unsupported” games – meaning, the ones that won’t work at all on the system – and it also numbers over a thousand, or 1,032 at the time of writing. So, around 3,000 games have been thoroughly checked for Steam Deck compatibility, and a third aren’t compatible.

There are ways around some of these, but there are many major games that just aren’t playable on Steam Deck, such as Destiny 2 or Gabe Newell’s beloved Final Fantasy XIV.

The good news is that the Steam Deck team is now taking feedback about compatibility, and most Unsupported games state that Valve is “working on adding support” for them – and in some cases, the developer has made games like Elden Ring play even better on Steam Deck than on normal PCs. Hopefully, Steam Deck owners should see the Unsupported list shrink in time.

Check out PCGamesN’s review if you’re still undecided about whether or not to get a Steam Deck.

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