Steam Deck accessory makes recharging on the move neater

The creator of Deckmate is busy crafting a new Steam Deck accessory or two for the Valve handheld gaming PC, including a phone holder and cable organiser

A new Steam Deck accessory that neatly organises the device's charging cable and A/C adapter

Two new third-party Steam Deck accessories are in the works which will add even more versatility to Valve’s handheld gaming PC. Both upcoming products are being designed by the creator of the Deckmate, the popular all-purpose add-on.

While the best Steam Deck dock is the most sought after addition to the device, more unofficial kits are becoming available by the day. The designer behind the Deckmate, who goes by Sea_Minerals on Reddit, has showcased a couple of new additions and has been asking other users to vote on which of the two should be released first.

One is a handy charging organiser, that neatly stores the Deck’s cable and plug, with a microSD cardholder as an added bonus. One Reddit user suggests that measures be taken to make it compatible with plugs all over, including the EU and UK. In response, Sea_Minerals has said the addition will work with all adapters and the photos are not representative of the finished product.

The second accessory is equally useful. Essentially, it’s a phone holder for the Steam Deck, which uses a GoPro mount. So, if you want to watch something while gaming on the Valve machine, your wishes may soon be graned. Not only can it be used on the Deck itself, but it’s also compatible with the Deckmate adapter.

We’ve spoken in the past about how the creator is working on some new third-party Steam Deck accessories, so it looks as though these two are the fruits of their labour. You should know that the Reddit thread has now been locked, which means no more voting. However, it looks as though the cable organiser came out on top, so expect that to be coming out soon.