Deckmate creator is making more Steam Deck accessories

The creator of the Deckmate, a Swiss Army knife-style accessory for the Steam Deck, has said they have plans for more products for the Valve gaming PC

Valve's Steam Deck with the Deckmate add-on attached to the back

The creator of the popular Deckmate, a multipurpose accessory for the Steam Deck, has said they have more products “in the pipeline.” What started out as a rough idea soon snowballed into a versatile third-party attachment, proving to be a very handy addition to the Valve gaming PC.

In a Reddit AMA thread, Sea_Minerals – also known as Siri – has been diligently answering questions from other Steam Deck users about the Deckmate. When asked by another user if there were more accessories to come, Siri said they are currently designing some.

While the Deckmate is already extremely useful, its creator is looking to add to this with grips for other devices, such as the Switch or any other portable PC. They’re also planning to do more mounts, particularly “1/4-20 thread” mounts for tripods and cameras.

You can also look forward to car and aeroplane mounts, which will be very convenient for Steam Deck users who travel a lot. As if that wasn’t enough, Siri is also designing a power adapter accessory that will attach to the portable PC’s case, allowing your Deckmate’s kickstand to clip on.

It all sounds like pretty exciting stuff, especially given how popular the attachment already is. If you aren’t aware of this add-on, and you own a Steam Deck, it’s worth investing in the Deckmate. It’s essentially the Swiss Army knife of accessories for the device. The official product is available for $49 and comes with the grip, kickstand, a wall mount, and two universal pucks to attach your external hard drives and battery packs.

The fact that it also comes with an adapter so you can use it with the best Steam Deck dock shows how multifaceted the Deckmate is. And it looks as though there’ll be even more accessories to be on the lookout for.