Ayaneo could take on Steam Deck using a next-gen discrete AMD GPU

Handheld gaming PCs normally feature an APU, but the Ayaneo Next 2 could use a discrete AMD graphics card to challenge the Steam Deck

Ayaneo Next 2 with blue backdrop

The Steam Deck is arguably the best gaming PC for on-the-go players, but Ayaneo is looking to steal the crown using a discrete next-gen AMD graphics card. The company’s Next 2 handheld also boasts an 8-inch display, but the whole package borrows aesthetics from Valve’s portable powerhouse.

We’ll probably have to wait a while for the Steam Deck 2, and we’re already holding out for a modular version of the gaming PC. While Valve’s likely cooking up something special, competitors like Ayaneo are working hard to create a handheld with an edge, and the company’s latest announcement suggests it could do so by using an actual GPU in place of an APU.

Announced via Twitter, the Ayaneo Next 2 will apparently pack “new discrete graphics” and a Ryzen 7000 CPU. Again, handheld PCs typically wield an APU that acts as both a GPU and a processor, so opting for something like the upcoming Radeon RX 7600S would help the device trade blows with the best gaming laptop options.

Ayaneo Next 2 promotional banner with handheld and blurb details

Ayaneo avoids naming the specific GPU in question, so we could be looking at an unannounced AMD product. There’s a chance it’ll use the RX 7600S mentioned above, but when you consider the fact that the chip requires 50-75W, it’s perhaps not the best choice for a relatively dinky handheld.

Of course, Ayaneo’s ‘announcement’ is more of a heads-up than an unveiling, and we’ll have to wait for an official unveiling to learn more. That said, it’s clear to see that the upcoming handheld borrows a few design cues from Valve, as it appears to feature square touchpads, a similar layout and form factor.