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Steam Deck boot loop issues seemingly linked to SSD dilemma

Steam Deck boot loop errors are fairly common, but one fan believes that the issues are linked to the portable's SSD and problems with SteamOS desktop mode

Steam Deck with sad text face and Valve wallpaper backdrop

Steam Deck boot loop issues are a pain, but a savvy user believes the dilemma is caused by filling the portable’s SSD. If you have concerns about storage on your Valve PC, the warning serves as a handy heads-up, especially if your drive is near capacity.

According to Steam Deck enthusiast Todd10k, the issue first emerged over eight months, and they aren’t the only ones afflicted. The problem seems to be linked to desktop mode, as filling the handheld’s SSD seemingly puts the Deck into a boot loop on start-up.

Other Steam Deck fans have come forward to say they’ve encountered the same issue, with one user recommending creating a Linux bootable USB stick and deleting unnecessary files. Some users agree with Todd10k that Valve should roll out a fix, or at least create a warning for when your SSD is near capacity. However, there are those in the thread who are a little more dismissive about the problem.

One person has said that if you have a Steam Deck, you need to be conscious about how much space is being taken up. Another insisted that operating systems have been this way for decades, requiring some space to be left over for cache and temporary files.

In any case, it’s useful for others to know, especially as not many people seem to be talking about it. While there is Steam cloud storage for saves, it’s unlikely to help in this situation. If your SSD is close to getting full, you can always go for one of the best Steam Deck dock options – such as the Jsaux M.2 – to relieve your desktop storage woes.