Jsaux M.2 Steam Docking Station review – a superb Steam Deck Dock

Jsaux M.2 Steam Deck dock will help transform Valve's portable into a proper desktop replacement, but its gaming SSD superpowers come with a higher price tag

Jsaux M.2 Steam Deck dock on white next next to cactus and tiny dragon

Our Verdict

Jsaux's latest Steam Deck dock is a superb accessory with great gaming SSD capabilities, but you'll have to tinker with Linux to help this USB-C hub shine.

The Jsaux M.2 Steam Deck dock is a juggernaut that makes room for its very own NVMe SSD, which could make all the difference when it comes to desktop usage. Just like previous versions of the company’s hub, the newcomer provides the portable with USB ports, HDMI output, and wired ethernet connectivity, but its newfound storage abilities are accompanied by a much higher price tag.

Starting at $130 (around £112 GBP), the Jsaux M.2 Steam Deck dock asks for quite the premium just to give you the ability to plonk an SSD inside. This cost climbs even higher when you buy a 1TB or 2TB Jsaux NVMe bundle, but it supports up to 4TB if you have a drive lying around.

It’s arguably a niche feature, given you can’t take any downloads on the NVMe with you on the go, but it’s something that’ll appeal to those looking to craft the perfect Steam Deck TV setup or transform it into one of the best cheap gaming PC setups around.

That’s not to say the Jsaux’s souped-up accessory isn’t worth the money, as it shares the same qualities as the current best Steam Deck dock. It’s worth noting that Valve’s official accessory costs $89 USD (yikes), so paying $40 more for an M.2 SSD slot is a comparative bargain.

Back of Jsaux Steam Deck dock sitting on white desk with monitor and cables in background

Jsaux M.2 Steam Deck dock specs

The Jsaux M.2 Steam Deck dock is armed with HDMI 2.0, two USB 2.0 ports, USB-C 100W power delivery, and a Gigabit Ethernet socket – an upgrade over the original’s slower offering.

Jsaux M.S Steam Deck dock specs:

Jsaux M.2 Steam Deck dock
USB ports  2
Power Delivery 100W
HDMI ports 1
Ethernet Yes


  • Great Steam Deck dock capabilities.
  • Gigabit Ethernet.
  • M.2 SSD slot integration.


  • Expensive compared to the original.
  • Awkward Ethernet placement.
  • SSD support isn’t plug-and-play.

Faster ethernet connection aside, the new hub pretty much performs like its Jsuax Steam Deck dock predecessor and recent SteamOS updates have improved functionality across the board. Naturally, this is something every docking station out there will benefit from, but it still contributes to my overall impressions of the device.

Of course, the Jsaux M.2 dock has greater ambitions, and pairing it with a storage drive helps unleash its true potential. Would I advise picking up the best SSD for gaming to go with? Absolutely not, as the device’s slot caps out at 900Mbps. Instead, I’d recommend opting for one of the company’s bundles, which might be slightly cheaper than picking up a Gen 3 drive yourself.

Jsaux M.2 Steam Deck dock price

As far as Steam Deck docking stations go, this is definitely one of the more expensive options, at around $130 (£130), and of course, that mainly comes down to its SSD support.

If you’re interested in something a little more affordable, you should also read our Jsaux Docking Station review, for a look at a model another rung down on the ladder.

Top view of Jsaux M.2 Steam Deck dock on white desk

Jsaux M.2 Steam Deck dock design

Impressive specs don’t always mean a bigger form factor, but Jsaux’s latest add-on has a lot of junk in the trunk. By that, I actually mean there’s room to accommodate an SSD drive bay on top, accompanied by a tribal design that invokes mid-2000s Game Boy Advance SP vibes.

As garish as it sounds, I actually quite like the pattern printed on the M.2 dock’s gun metal posterior, but I’m less thrilled about its drive hatch. This is admittedly something that’ll affect me more than most, but the tight fit of the metal SSD lid makes me squirm, as its ballbearing catch setup results in momentary metal-on-metal scratching. It’s not a deal breaker, but prying off the cover with my nails is far from a pleasant user experience.

Unappealing SSD covers aren’t Jsaux’s only sin this time around, as the company appears hellbent on sticking its ethernet port on the side of the dock. To cut it some slack, every docking station the company has released does the same, but it still quashes my efforts to manage cables.

Top view of Jsuax Steam Deck dock with M.2 cover exposed and SSD sitting on top

Jsaux M.2 Steam Deck dock performance

If you’ve ever tried to build your own gaming PC, chances are you’ve had to install an SSD or hard drive. Just like the best gaming motherboard, the Jsaux M.2 dock supports a variety of NVMe and SATA drives, and its socket supports most key types. So, there’s not much stopping you from popping off its lid (apart from grinding sounds) and repurposing old storage.

Slotting an SSD into the Jsaux M.2 dock is easy, and the toolless rubber stopper means you won’t even need a screwdriver. The only additional action involves applying a small thermal pad to the front of your drive – a step that applies if you’re installing your own or using one from the company’s bundle.

As for functional performance, the Jsaux M.2 dock will work as described. However, while the accessory is technically plug-and-play, you’ll have to tinker with SteamOS and mess with automated Linux scripts to take advantage of its gaming SSD tricks.

Thankfully, Thankfully, the company lists the initial instructions to set things up, and there’s a script you can install that automates the process so you don’t need to go through those steps every single time you re-dock the Steam Deck.

Steam Deck on Jsaux M.2 dock with storage settings on screen


All in all, the Jsaux M.2 Steam Deck dock is a nifty accessory that transforms Valve’s handheld into a true hybrid. Sure, the original dock sort of does that too, but the added SSD storage support adds a touch of gaming PC pizazz that’ll help convince you that you’re using a conventional desktop machine. If you still don’t really get it, then this accessory definitely isn’t for you. As for everyone else? Well, you’ve all probably already got one sitting in your cart.