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Deckmate is a swiss-army accessory for your Steam Deck

A hot swappable Steam Deck accessory system is now available to buy, and the Deckmate enables your portable gaming PC to perform various mounting tricks

Deckmate: Hand holding Steam Deck with accessory clipped onto back with grass in background

A new Steam Deck accessory has arrived, and it’s essentially a swiss army knife of addons for your handheld. Dubbed the Deckmate, the clip-on system enables the portable gaming PC to perform all sorts of neat tricks, like wearing a power bank like a backpack and sticking to the wall like Spider-Man.

The Deckmate for Steam Deck first showed up back in May as a 3D printed hot swappable accessory project. Now, the add-on is available as a third-party product, meaning you won’t need to print the parts yourself. That said, the digital files are actually available on the Deckmate website for free, so you can still go about your thrifty printing business if you wish.

Just to recap, the Deckmate is essentially four accessories in one, as the complete system includes a kickstand alongside mounts for your wall, VESA bracket, and anything else that’ll stick to the portable’s back. That latter part means could, in theory, enable you to clip the best SSD for gaming behind the Deck or a battery bank for extra on-the-go juice.

Steam Deck mounting system Deckmate on white backdrop

If you fancy grabbing hold of the whole Deckmate crew, the entire system is available for $49 USD. Individual mounts and the main grip are also available, so you could try the system out and splash out less cash. Again, 3D printer parents can use their wondrous machine to print the parts for free, but that option comes with the usual DIY creation caveats.

The Steam Deck hasn’t been around all that long, but there’s already a great selection of third-party accessories available. Valve’s official docking station might be practically vapourware at this point, but the best Steam Deck dock options are popping up left right and centre, and a SteamOS update recently improved the portable’s docked experience.