Steam Deck dock experience is now even better, thanks to update

A Steam Deck update has landed, and the handheld now plays nicer with gaming monitors when hooked up to a dock, and it'll warn you when it's too warm too

Steam Deck connected to Jsaux dopck next to keyboard and monitor

A major Steam Deck update has arrived, and the Valve handheld gaming PC now works even better when connected to a dock. It can also give you a heads up when it’s too hot or cold, and the patch addresses other quirks like on-screen keyboard responsiveness.

The latest Steam Deck update packs various fixes and improvements, all of which have been tested within SteamOS Beta and Preview channels. The stable version of the operating system now features automatic scaling when plugged into a gaming monitor, and you can easily adjust display settings to suit screens with overscan issues.

Dock shenanigans aside, Valve’s SteamOS update also implements a bucket load of fixes, including a new temperature warning system designed to give you a heads up when the system goes “goes outside the safe operating range.”

Last month, Valve warned that Steam Deck performance may fall in temperatures above 35°C – a conversation that was sparked by a rather toasty heatwave. While you don’t exactly need a big flashing warning sign to tell you when it’s either too hot or cold, the portable powerhouse will give you a nudge when it’s not happy with its workplace conditions.

Valve says all current Steam Deck reservations will ship in 2022, and the latest update means newcomers can enjoy a more refined experience. The new external display features in particular should help the handheld function as a desktop gaming PC alternative, especially if you’re using an accessory like the Jsaux Steam Deck Dock.

SteamOS has changed a lot since its debut, but Valve’s been hard at work improving its hardware too. A savvy fan recently spotted a few subtle Steam Deck tweaks, as newer Q3 models apparently feature nicer buttons and improved haptics.

Check out Valve’s SteamOS update 3.3 page for a full list of Steam Deck fixes and improvements.