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FFXIV on Steam Deck is now fixed, says Valve

After the new Final Fantasy XIV launcher screwed up the running of Gabe Newell's favourite MMO game, a Steam Deck FFXIV fix is finally here at last

There's a Steam Deck FFXIV fix for the launcher, woo

Gabe Newell can relax again, as a Steam Deck FFXIV fix is finally here. The popular Final Fantasy MMO game received an update back in March with a new launcher that stopped Final Fantasy XIV from working on Valve’s portable gaming PC – now it seems like it’s fixed at last.

According to the latest patch notes for the Proton experimental branch (via Gaming on Linux) – which, of course, is the operating system Steam Deck uses – Valve confirms that the new Final Fantasy XIV launcher should work correctly with Proton and Steam Deck again. While this is only a test update right now, Proton 7.0.2 should go live in due course.

Previously, if you tried to launch FFXIV on the console it would simply hang with no way to progress. It was a little embarrassing having the fantasy game be broken on Steam Deck given that Valve head Gabe Newell was such a cheerleader for it, so it’s good that it’ll be officially fixed once Valve pushes the update live.

The update should also fix the likes of Age of Chivalry, Chrono Cross, Warhammer Vermintide, and Resident Evil Revelations 2 on Steam Deck. There’s also a fix for Elden Ring crashing after prolonged periods of gameplay, which is something I wish was in the regular Steam version.

If Final Fantasy XIV working on it isn’t enough, check out PCGamesN’s review if you’re still undecided about whether or not to get a Steam Deck.