You can use the Steam Deck to take Gameboy Camera pictures

A Steam Deck owner has found a way to use an Nintendo Gameboy Camera on Valve's handheld gaming PC, and you can also watch VHS tapes using the same method

Steam Deck with Nintendo Gameboy Camera software on screen

Someone has found a way to use the Steam Deck as a Gameboy Camera screen, and it’s beautifully pointless. While most players will likely use the portable to play the best PC games, there are a few retro enthusiasts that are going out of their way to use old tech with Valve’s handheld gaming PC.

Assembled by Reddit user emil10001, the Steam Deck Gameboy camera setup doesn’t use emulators or fancy cartridge adapters. Instead, a capture card acts as a bridge between Valve’s machine and the Analogue Pocket, a reimaging of the classic console that mimics Nintendo’s original hardware. The result? Well, the Deck is then able to display the retro accessory’s software, meaning you can technically take pictures using the portable powerhouse.

It’s worth noting that emil10001’s efforts are actually in response to melinte, who first used the process to connect a Steam Deck to a VHS recorder. That’s right, you can actually watch old videotapes on Valve’s dinky rig, but you’d have to strap the player to your pack and carry around a generator to watch them on the go.

Using the Steam Deck as a screen for antiquated devices may seem silly, but the fact you can is a testament to the handheld’s versatility. It also hammers home the fact that the Deck is essentially a gaming PC, so if you can do something on your desktop rig, you can probably do it on Valve’s compact computer.

I see your VHS and raise you a Gameboy Camera from SteamDeck

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