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Is Ghost of Tsushima Steam Deck compatible?

Roaming Tsushima Island should be a breeze on Valve's Steam Deck as Sucker Punch calls out portable performance in its PC announcement.

Ghost of Tsushima key art showing Jin Sakai grasping a mask with a Steam Deck overlayed

Is Ghost of Tsushima Steam Deck compatible? While only just announced for PC, Sucker Punch has given every reason to believe that its beautiful open-world RPG will run great on Steam Deck.

Unsurprisingly, we consider the Steam Deck OLED to be the best handheld gaming PC that money can buy, but seeing the support from first-party PlayStation studios shows how important it is in the wider gaming industry. This open-world game from Sucker Punch now looks set to join a list of well-regarded ports to PC, but will Ghost of Tsushima run on Steam Deck?

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Is Ghost of Tsushima Steam Deck compatible?

Ghosts of Tsushima has yet to go through Valve’s verification process, but it’s likely it will be marked as Playable or Verified thanks to Sucker Punch’s focus on bringing the game to portable PC devices.

This confirmation comes from the Steam product page, which states: “Experience Ghost of Tsushima with unlocked framerates and a variety of graphics options tailored to a wide range of hardware, ranging from high-end PCs to portable PC gaming devices.”

This can only mean that devices like the Steam Deck are a priority, and based on the system requirements of other PS5 PC ports, we see no reason why Ghost of Tsushima would exceed these and rule out portable play.

It’s also been revealed that Ghost of Tsushima will launch with DLSS 3, Intel Xess, and most importantly for Steam Deck, AMD FSR 3. The inclusion of these upscaling techs will allow for better performance on Steam Deck and can be the difference between stuttering and playable frame rates.

One concern we do have is the expected file size. Horizon Forbidden West sits at just over 100GB on PS5, but its PC version demands up to 150GB. Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut currently requires around 60GB on PS5, but the PC counterpart could inflate this. Getting ahead of this and buying one of the best MicroSD cards for Steam Deck is a very wise move.

If you’d rather play Ghost of Tsushima on a full rig but need to make some upgrades, we’ve got a comprehensive guide for how to build a gaming PC in 2024 that will take you through the process.