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Save over $240 on Steam Deck games in this month’s Humble Choice

There's no better way to own new playable and verified games for Steam Deck than through Humble Choice, and April continues this trend.

The Callisto Protocol key art with a steam deck overlay

If you’ve just purchased a Steam Deck, or have owned one since launch, it can be overwhelming trying to find great games to play on the go. This isn’t because there aren’t many choices, but quite the opposite. I’ve found that one of the best ways around this dilemma is to take out a Humble Choice subscription, largely due to the sheer volume of Steam Deck supported games being offered in recent months.

April’s Humble Choice games are available now, and it shows another strong month of support for the best handheld gaming PC. Of the eight titles included, three are certified playable while five are verified. This sees the continuation of a trend where Humble Choice continues to offer great value for Steam Deck owners like me, who want to find new games to play.

Given that over 14,000 games are rated playable or verified for Steam Deck, it would take a very deliberate move to curate a list of eight games and have none of them be compatible with Valve‘s handheld. I had an active Humble subscription long before I had a Steam Deck, but often found myself pausing and outright canceling it based on the selection of games.

This wasn’t down to the quality of the games individually, as this tends to be fairly high based on Steam user ratings, but instead, it was my inability to commit time to play new games on PC. The Steam Deck allows me to pick up games that I don’t necessarily want to sit and play at my desk, and enjoy them with a completely fresh perspective.

Now, I find myself intrigued less by the headline games each month, and more by the smaller niche titles that are Steam Deck verified. In recent months I’ve enjoyed playing Black Skylands, OTXO, Twin Mirror, The Gunk, and Unpacking, all because they are playable or verified for Steam Deck and were included in Humble Choice.

I would never have purchased any of these games separately, so having the chance to play them for such a discounted price really feels like value that is impossible to beat.

April’s games include three playable titles; Victoria 3, Fashion Police Squad, and Humankind. The remaining five titles are all verified; The Callisto Protocol, Terraformers, Symphony of War, Coromon, and The Excavation of Hob’s Barrow.

This means, for $11.99 (£8.99) you’re getting eight new Steam Deck games that you may not already own. That saving is unreal, with the current price of the eight games on Steam totaling over $250 (£210). This level of value is incredible given the versatility of the games on offer.

Not every month is a knockout, I can attest to that myself as a subscriber. Sometimes games do go unclaimed or get gifted to friends. Despite this, though, I’ve tried so many new games that I would never have bought otherwise, purely because they were included in Humble Choice, and came ready to play on Steam Deck.

To top it off, once you hit certain milestones, discounts for the primary Humble Store can be unlocked, meaning you’ll save money on games in a safe and legitimate way outside of the typical storefronts.

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