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JSAUX has launched a solution to your Steam Deck screen glare woes

If you own the 64GB or 256GB model of the Steam Deck and are fed up with screen glare, JSAUX might have the solution with its new screen replacement.

The effect of the JSAUX anti-glare replacement screen on the screen of a Steam Deck, while on an orange background.

If you’re not sporting the 512GB Steam Deck, chances are you’ve had screen glare spoil your experiences with the best Steam Deck games. Thankfully, JSAUX may have a solution to those sporting the more affordable Steam Deck models.

JSAUX, known for its Steam Deck accessories, has released another product to help improve your favorite handheld. The ‘Anti-Glare Screen for Steam Deck GP0300’, is a replacement screen for those of us not lucky enough to own the 512GB model of the Steam Deck, which comes with its own anti-glare etched glass.

Costing only $89.99, not only is the replacement screen from JSAUX anti-glare, but it’s also designed to help eliminate fingerprints and retains the touch sensitivity you’ll be used to. It’s also designed to “fit perfectly” into your Steam Deck, allowing for a seamless integration, which is made easier thanks to a video and text tutorial which JSAUX includes with your purchase.

JSAUX isn’t the only ones offering a solution to the screen glare woes of the 64GB and 212GB Steam Deck models, DeckHD is launching its own screen replacement on August 24th. With just a $10 dollar difference versus JSAUX’s solution, at $99, the screen from DeckHD comes glare-free “as standard.” Instead of just opting to target screen glare, the replacement screen from DeckHD is also a 1200p resolution upgrade.

While switching out your screen sounds like a great idea, doing so does come with some caveats. For one, JSAUX itself warms multiple times on the product page that it only recommend users with experience dismantle their handhelds, as it’s a complex and fiddly process. Taking your Steam Deck apart, especially if you aren’t experienced in doing so, can not only void your warranty, but break your device entirely.

If you’re already sporting the 512GB model with its anti-glare etched glass, check out the best microSD cards for Steam Deck and give your handheld the storage space boost it needs instead.