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A new Steam Deck rival may emerge soon from Lenovo

According to rumours, the Steam Deck may have yet another AMD-powered rival to contend with from Lenovo, in the form of the Legion Go.

An image of the proposed Lenovo Legion Play, an android-based gaming handheld.

In the wake of Valve’s success with the Steam Deck, it feels like everybody wants a chance to enter the handheld gaming PC space. While competitors like the ASUS ROG Ally have already proven themselves worthy against the Steam Deck, the Lenovo Legion Go may be the next true contestant.

An image leaked to Liliputting of the Legion Play handheld.
Lenovo, predominantly known for its ThinkPad and Legion laptop lines, are rumored to be entering the world of PC gaming handhelds. The Hong Kong based tech company, is allegedly making a device of its own, titled the ‘Legion Go’. While you’d be right in thinking the name shares similarities to the old PlayStation handheld, the PSP Go, the alleged handheld sounds like anything but.

According to Windows Central, sources have revealed that the handheld will have AMD’s brand-new Phoenix APUs. This inclusion of Ryzen chips could suggest the handheld will have built-in Windows support. While that’s not exactly new, with the ASUS ROG Ally already running on Windows 11, it does perhaps highlight that companies may not yet be prepared to just on the SteamOS bandwagon.

The rumors also allege that the Legion Go will have an 8-inch screen, making it larger than both the Steam Deck and the ASUS ROG Ally. With how chonky the Valve handheld is, that’s an impressive feat. However, if these specifications are accurate, a bigger screen would be helpful in seeing the finer details of your PC games, if the resolution is suitably high too.

This isn’t the first time a handheld by Lenovo has been rumored to exist. With the Legion Play, an Android-based device, being previously leaked online. Despite the Legion Play never getting an official release, it could be the basis for what Lenovo plans to do with the Legion Go device. However, this is all rumor and speculation, so it’s possible that the Legion Go may never come to fruition at all. Should the Legion Go become a reality, it’d likely be a fascinating addition to the ever-changing landscape of PC gaming handhelds.

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