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This Steam Deck mod will make Futurama fans say ‘good news!’

A Steam Deck mod created by a fan, in a display of love for the show Futurama, switches out the boot-up screen to pay tribute to the beloved animated sitcom

A Steam Deck displaying Futrama's title and characters on its display, against the show's trademark blue hue background

This Steam Deck mod is perfect for the ultimate Futurama fan, paying a wonderful tribute to the show. Plenty of you are already aware that Valve’s handheld device is highly customisable, and this modder has replaced the stock start-up with the iconic opening from the beloved sci-fi sitcom.

Over on Reddit, user DerpinHerps hasn’t just replaced the boot-up animation, displaying Futurama’s recognisable title card, they’ve also given it a little twist. As the system loads up, the show’s music kicks in with the words ‘Steam Deck’ in place of the cartoon’s title. But, that’s not all. The modder has taken it upon themselves to write their own one-line gag too, a trademark of the intro, that cheekily reads “Half-Life 3 not included”.

It’s a bit of a cliché gag, admittedly, but it’s a neat little nod to the show. At the same time, it’s also a rather melancholic reminder of the dormancy of one of Valve’s most popular gaming franchises. DerpinHerps has gone ahead and made their Steam Deck animation available for others to utilise, so have at it for those of you who want to change the boot-up to reflect your love for Futurama.

With each passing day, there are ever more examples of how the Steam Deck can be customised in myriad ways, showing the versatility of the mobile gaming PC. Another Reddit user recently showed they had replaced the start-up screen with the intro to the first Monkey Island game. Fans of the point-and-click series will no doubt recognize this first appearance of Guybrush Threepwood, only this time demanding they want a Deck.

With this Futurama animation loaded, some of you will likely want to grab the best Steam Deck dock for a more comfortable viewing experience, boot up the handheld, and then smile over this custom intro. That said, you may also feel a little sad that we still don’t have Half-Life 3.