This Steam Deck mod is a great retro Monkey Island tribute

A savvy Steam Deck fan has swapped out the handheld gaming PC's start up screen with a Monkey Island scene, and it's great point-and-click game tribute

Steam Deck with Monkey Island art on screen and level backdrop

You can now relive the Secret of Monkey Island whenever you turn on your Steam Deck, thanks to a custom boot screen mod. While Valve’s SteamOS start-up experience is already pretty pleasing, the custom intro makes for a pretty nifty nostalgia trip.

Shared by Reddit user Superscabo, the Steam Deck Monkey Island mod replaces the handheld’s Valve animation with a classic point-and-click moment. The only difference between the custom intro and the original scene is in Guybrush Threepwood’s opening words. Rather than declaring his Pirate ambitions, the protagonist instead says he wants a Deck of his own.

The Steam Deck Monkey Island intro is a great nostalgic nod to the early days of the iconic LucasArts adventure series, but it’s admittedly longer than the Valve intro. Superscabo goes on to say there is a shorter version of the Steam Deck boot screen, but it’ll pop up at a later date.

Steam Deck with Secret of Monkey Island on screen and text that reads "My name is Guybrush Threepwood and I want a Steam Deck!"

As well as being a lovely Monkey Island franchise reference, it also highlights the customisable capabilities of the portable gaming PC. Another recent Steam Deck mod replaces the start screen with the iconic opening titles of Star Wars, complete with John Williams’ unmistakable score.

Thankfully, the Monkey Island intro available to download is available to download for free, so you won’t have to make your own boot-up gag. If you’d rather experience the Monkey Island tribute on a fancy screen, you could grab hold of the best Steam Deck dock, hook the handheld up to a display, and see Guybrush demand a Deck on the big screen.