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Steam Deck OLED mod allows for HDR remote play

If you have a PS5 and a Steam Deck, you can ignore the PlayStation Portal and just download this remote play mod instead.

an image of Kratos from God of War with a Steam Deck overlaying it

The Playstation Portal has been available since mid-November and failed to impress many reviewers who believe it simply doesn’t offer enough of a unique selling point to justify the cost. Well, thanks to the minds behind chiaki4deck, you can now stream HDR-quality gameplay from your Playstation 5 to your Steam Deck OLED.

Among the best PC handhelds you can buy right now, the Steam Deck OLED impressed us with the sheer scale of the upgrade it presents. It’s more than just a prettier display, that’s for sure.

Open-source software like chiaki4deck is a great way to keep new features coming to hardware like the Steam Deck. Remote Play from a PlayStation console to the PC handheld has been available for a while, but with the introduction of the new OLED model, HDR streaming has become a possibility.

The process of installing chiaki4deck is simple, and there is a handy guide assembled by a user on Reddit – and hosted on the chiaki4deck website – if you require assistance. Remote Play to Steam Deck is currently only supported via the PS5, and you can stream with HDR to the original Steam Deck, but you’ll need an external display to be hooked up to use it.

Features like this being added by the modding community go to show how devices like the Playstation Portal missed the mark. A common complaint with the Portal is that it gives people very few reasons to buy it.

Granted, the price difference between a Portal and a Steam Deck OLED is substantial – around $350 – but given how much more you get with a Steam Deck, it still creates a dilemma for anyone who is considering purchasing a Portal.

We love seeing what the Steam Deck community is up to, and can’t wait to see what the next exciting new feature is. In the meantime, check out our list of the best Steam Deck games you can play right now.