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Check your Steam Deck OLED for cracks, gamers warn

If you own a limited edition of the Valve handheld gaming PC, check the case for splits, as users are warning of widespread issues.

An image of a crack that has developed on the Steam Deck OLED limited edition

While the reveal of the Steam Deck OLED in November 2023 was a surprise to many, an even bigger surprise is seeing numerous cases of unfortunate cracks appearing on the transparent casing, even on handhelds owned by players who claim to have been careful. Based on community feedback, Valve is reportedly very good at sorting the issue, but it shouldn’t be happening in the first place.

The Steam Deck OLED sits atop our picks of the best handheld gaming PC, and for good reason. It is a notable improvement on the first-generation Steam Deck in every way, with the exception of this concerning case-cracking epidemic.

An example of a crack developing in the bottom of a Steam Deck OLED limted edition

We’ve seen reports of the limited-edition Steam Deck OLED being susceptible to random and unprovoked cracks appearing in the casing, with a particular vulnerability being seen on the bottom of the console, where the screws are located just below the intake vents.

This issue isn’t limited to the special transparent 1TB OLED models, but based on posts we’ve observed over on r/SteamDeck, it does appear that this issue is popping up much more frequently on this model, with another case appearing just a few days ago from user DrakeShadow.

Strangely, if an LCD model cracks, it tends to be at the top vents, but almost all cases of the limited edition OLED model cracking are at the bottom. Either way, it’s a far from ideal situation for Valve, but it is encouraging to see that the company is taking care of anyone who has reached out with the issue.

This maintains Valve’s impressive customer service track record when it comes to the Steam Deck. The company has often supported players even when warranties have expired, and the only awkward case we’ve seen recently is when someone tried to request support for a stolen Steam Deck they unknowingly purchased online.

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