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New Steam Deck orders could arrive before Christmas

A Steam Deck availability update has arrived, and Valve says new orders and Q4 reservations should arrive between September and December

Steam Deck with Gaben on screen wearing emoji santa beard and hat

Valve just updated its Steam Deck availability information, and the company is reportedly already shipping Q4 reservations. Better still, new customers could snag a portable powerhouse before Christmas, as the quarterly queue now seemingly covers September to December.

In a Steam Deck update, Valve reveals that it’s “speeding through reservations at an accelerated pace” – something that’s attributed to an increased production rate. In other words, the company now has enough units to fulfil all of its Q3 bucket backorders and make a start on its Q4 2022 reservation list.

It’s worth noting that Valve’s current availability information is based on estimates, so there’s no guarantee your Steam Deck reservation will show up before the year is out. That said, the fact the window information applies to new orders too is a sign of confidence, so the carol ‘Deck the Halls’ may have a different meaning come Christmas time.

If you’ve already got a Steam Deck, you might be holding out for more news on accompanying accessories. Thankfully, it looks like Valve’s official dock could soon be with us, as it recently ditched its vapourware status by showing up to TGS 2022. Sure, great alternatives like the Jsaux Steam Deck dock arguably negate the need for the real deal, but we’ll need to compare the two before passing judgement.

Not fussed about official Valve shenanigans? Check out this custom Steam Deck case, as it’s equipped with a built-in 1080p display that gives us retro PS2 car journey vibes.