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Refurbished Steam Decks just got even more rewarding to buy

Valve confirms that it's working on making sure buyers of Certified Refurbished Steam Decks don't miss out on rewards that are only available with new models.

An image of a "Certified Refurbished" Steam Deck.

The Certified Refurbished Steam Deck program makes the device more attainable to budget-constrained gamers, providing they don’t mind a little wear and tear on their handheld gaming PC. Looking to bolster the value of its cleaned up preowned Steam Deck stock, Valve has confirmed it’s working on making rewards available to refurbished models too.

Steam Deck Rewards are available with the 256GB and 512GB models of the device, including exclusive community profile customizations and virtual keyboards. Historically, however, these items can only be claimed once per Deck, leaving Certified Refurbished buyers high and dry.

A screenshot of the Steam Deck subreddit post by user SheepherderMoney4828.

Thankfully, this looks to change in the near future, as Redditor SheepherderMoney4828 discovered this when receiving their refurbished Steam Deck. Posting their customer support interaction to the Steam Deck Subreddit, SheepherderMoney4828 was told by a Valve representative that the company was working on rectifying the issue.

“We’re working on making profile rewards available to customers that purchased refurbished units”, the message from Steam Support states, according to the screenshot. “You will automatically be prompted to redeem the rewards from the Steam Deck interface once they are available.”

While we only have the screenshot to go off on, with no official announcement from Valve, this is still great news.

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