Steam Deck replacement parts go on sale at iFixit

Prices for Steam Deck components range from as little as $5 but you should expect to pay up to $350 for a new motherboard, when iFixit pushes its pages live

The Steam Deck viewed from the side, against a purple-blue background

24/05/2022 After being pulled down, replacement parts are now available to purchase from iFixit.

Valve promised to make replacement parts for its Steam Deck handheld gaming PC available to all back in February, but gave no indication as to what components would be available or how much they’d cost. Now, it appears that one retailer may have accidentally announced both.

Over the weekend, Steam Deck replacement parts briefly went on sale via iFixit, with prices ranging from as little as $5 for battery and screen adhesive all the way up to $350 for a motherboard. The amount of components available to buy is welcomingly large, with fans, screens, thumbsticks, speakers, and more rounding out the line-up.

However, iFixit has since taken down all of its Steam Deck replacement parts listings and took to Twitter over the weekend to clarify that they “went live earlier than planned” (via IGN). Regardless, the retailer has promised to honour all orders placed during the time the product pages were up. It’s not yet known when the proper launch will take place, but iFixit says it should happen “soon.”

While it’s wonderful that Valve is actively working its portable powerhouse as repairable as possible, a recent Steam Deck durability test hopefully proves that the likelihood of you needing to fix it is low.

In addition to waiting for replacement parts, those lucky enough to already have their hands on the device are still waiting for the official Steam Deck dock to make an appearance.

Update: iFixit has officially made its Steam Deck replacement parts available to purchase. You can check them out here.