Check your Steam Deck reservation, you might’ve skipped Valve’s queue

You might want to check your Steam Deck reservation, as Valve churning out more handheld gaming PC devices than ever could see yours bumped up to Q3

Steam Deck with Gabe Newell face on screen against a pink and blue backdrop

It’s never nice to be stuck in a queue, but your Steam Deck reservation might’ve just skipped ahead a few steps. Valve says it’s producing more handheld gaming PC devices than ever before, and instead of waiting until December to get your hands on the system, you might get the opportunity to nab one as soon as next month instead.

Valve is banging on the same drum it’s been hitting all month, telling you that your Steam Deck release date might be sooner than you thought and that more orders will ship ahead of schedule. Well, here we are, once again telling you to check your position in the queue as plenty of orders have jumped from Q4 (October – December) to Q3 (July – September). In fact, three writers here at PCGamesN are ecstatic that they’ll get their Steam Deck earlier – including yours truly.

A screenshot of Valve's tweet sharing that the Steam Deck reservations have come forward to Q3Source: Twitter

To check where your reservation sits, simply log into your Steam account and visit the official Steam Deck store page. You’ll see the release window below the model you’ve pre-ordered. Once the long-awaited email arrives, you have around 72 hours to complete the purchase before the link seemingly expires. Don’t sweat it if you miss it, though, as no one’s obsessively refreshing their inbox, right? Right? Valve says there “is a grace period of a few days” after the cancellation where you can reach out to Steam customer support and it’ll honour the original offer.

Valve also shares that it’s not short of interest despite the confidence behind production. “The number of Steam Deck reservations being made on a daily basis continues to grow, and is at its highest since our launch earlier this year.” Valve has already guaranteed that you’ll get your Steam Deck this year if you put in a pre-order before August, and it looks plenty reassuring for those committing to one after.