All current Steam Deck reservations will ship in 2022, says Valve

Valve brings good news, as those in the queue for a Steam Deck should receive the portable gaming PC before the end of the year – with some as soon as September

Steam Deck with Gabe Newell face on screen and purple backdrop

Still waiting for your Steam Deck to arrive? Well, fear not, as Valve confirms all outstanding reservations will arrive before the end of the year. The handheld won’t reach everyone’s hands in the next couple of weeks, but the gaming PC giant says a bunch more preorders will be fulfilled before October.

In its latest update tweet, Valve reveals that it has resolved its Steam Deck supply chain woes. In addition, the company says “Everyone who currently has a reservation can get their Steam Deck by the end of this year,” meaning more players will get their paws on a portable powerhouse soon.

Not everyone will receive their Steam Deck at the same time, as Valve is still dividing its preorder fulfilment between quarters. In other words, some eager fans will receive the handheld sometime before September ends (insert Green Day joke here), while others might have to wait till the end of the year to enjoy the handheld gaming PC.

Steam Deck reservation tweet
Source: Twitter

Before you get too excited, it’s best to reserve your excitement for when you actually receive a Steam Deck email from Valve. Sure, the company has seemingly resolved its supply chain snags, but the pandemic isn’t over quite yet and other complications could arise.

Still, the Steam Deck reservation update will come as a relief to many, as Valve previously delayed some preorders to after Q3. That said, we’re also still waiting for an update on the official Steam Deck dock, as the accessory was indefinitely delayed a few months ago.

Who knows, perhaps the unreleased hub will shake its vapourware status soon. However, if it’s more expensive than the Jsuax Steam Deck dock, it might be hard to justify spending the extra dosh.