Not got a Steam Deck? This silly VR headset version might do

Someone has created a Steam Deck you can hold using VR headset controllers, and we're itching to try a playable, virtual version of Valve's handheld gaming PC

Steam Deck next two two HTC Vive controllers and VR Steam Deck with hands on screen

Someone has managed to make a virtual Steam Deck, fully modelled in a 3D environment. If you have yet to purchase the Valve mobile gaming PC for yourself, this could offer a rudimentary alternative for the time being, provided it actually becomes a thing.

Awarded the Golden Joystick for ‘Best Gaming Hardware’, the Steam Deck was one of last year’s must-have devices for gamers. Given its popularity, Valve found its portable powerhouse selling like hotcakes, making waves in the handheld gaming world. It also works comfortably in the home as well, thanks to some of the best Steam Deck dock options around, adding to its versatility.

However, not everyone has got hold of one yet, which is where user Agaric comes into the picture. In a recent Reddit video, they show a virtual reality play area that features a full rendered model of a Steam Deck. In the clip, they demonstrate picking up the handheld gaming PC using what looks like HTC Vive controllers.

Image of Reddit post with Steam Deck VR footage

They then switch to their hands where they attempt to play with the system even further. But it all seems for naught, as they struggle to even hold the Deck properly, suggesting it’s not fully interactive. This doesn’t mean a proper version won’t grace the best VR headset in the future, but for now, Agaric’s video is more of a silly demonstration of the wonderful possibilities.

With the most played Steam Deck games of 2022 being revealed recently, not to mention the aforementioned award, 2023 is looking strong for Valve’s multifaceted system. There’s no way to know whether someone will offer up a virtual reality version that’s capable of playing games, but it sure would be a nice alternative for those who have yet to buy the real thing.