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You can now warm up and cool off your Steam Deck screen

A new Steam Deck beta update has unlocked the ability for you to control the color temperature of your Steam Deck screen, for a colder or warmer look.

An image of the Steam Deck logo on a cool to warm toned gradient background.

The Steam Deck is an amazing, high-powered handheld, but with great power can come the strains of starting at a bright screen for too long. While devices like your desktop gaming PC allow you to change the color temperature of your screen to help with any possible eye strain, the Steam Deck only allowed you to change the brightness, until now.

The SteamOS 3.5 update recently brought a ‘color vibrance’ option to the handheld, and now, the display settings have expanded even further with the addition of a ‘color temperature’ option. Available as part of the Steam Deck Beta, users can now change the color temperature of their screens.  The new option comes in the form of a slider, which when adjusted creates an almost ‘night mode’ effect.

Here’s how to get the new color temperature settings:

  • Select the ‘Steam Button’
  • Navigate to System settings
  • Select ‘Steam Deck Beta’ from the Steam Client Update Channel
  • Toggle on ‘Enable Developer Mode’

Originally spotted by SteamDeckHQ, this update is a well needed feature where accessibility is concerned. In any device that it’ll allow me, I have a blue light filter on to help deter any migraines, or visual disturbances I can have from starting at a screen for too long. With the long gaming sessions that can easily be done on the Steam Deck, being able to fine tune the screen color temperature is a welcome addition.

However, it’s worth acknowledging that, by having developer mode turned on to get this welcomed update, that can subject your Steam Deck to a series of bugs and issues. You can always wait for the official update instead, as it’s likely this latest feature will be made available for everyone in the close future.

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