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Is Team Fortress 2 Steam Deck compatible?

A resurgent TF2 can't earn the highest rating from Valve on the Steam Deck, which raises even more questions about how the game is treated.

Team Fortress 2 Steam Deck

Is Team Fortress 2 Steam Deck compatible? As one of Valve’s longest-serving games, it’s easy to assume that Team Fortress 2 would hold a verified rating for the Steam Deck, well, think again.

While it may be one of the best free games on PC that has ever been released, Team Fortress 2 hasn’t been shown much love in recent years, and if not for a recent major update, the game was starting to see its community disappear.

Is Team Fortress 2 Steam Deck compatible?

Yes, Team Fortress 2 currently holds a ‘Playable’ rating for the Steam Deck, but only because the graphical requirements are low. Team Fortress 2 falls short on the other three parameters for ‘Verified’ status.

It’s quite surprising to see Team Fortress 2 only pass one barrier for Steam Deck compatibility. Given how long the game has been around, how loyal the community is, and that it’s a Valve-published game. You would think it might make an effort to get the game into a verified state.

The playable rating means there are no Steam Deck icons represented in the game, the text may be deemed illegible for the smaller screen, and certain functionality isn’t possible when using the default controller settings, meaning the touchscreen and virtual keyboard may be needed.

With the renewed interest in Team Fortress 2 following a major update, Valve would be smart to get the game up to verified status, but whether or not that happens remains to be seen.

While Team Fortress 2 may not be at the desired level of optimization for Valve’s handheld, you can check out some of the best Steam Deck games that are incredible to play with no alterations needed.