Steam Deck update finally adds security options

The latest Steam Deck update is all about security, security, security, as Valve's console finally gets some options to make it secure in the most basic way

The new lock screen and PIN code at work in the latest Steam Deck update

There’s a new Steam Deck update available and it finally adds some much-needed basic security options to Valve’s portable gaming PC, including a lock screen and an optional PIN code. Beyond that, the client update also adds a better achievements screen, a few accessibility options, and some battery improvements too.

While some game updates are causing havoc with the Steam Deck, Valve is quietly adding welcome improvements to its console outside of adding support for more games. The latest Steam Deck client update adds a number of useful new features, including some simple security settings that probably should’ve been there from the start.

As of now, the Steam Deck has a lock screen that the user can set up to use a PIN code and optionally appear on “wake, boot, login, and/or when switching to Desktop mode”. You can enter the PIN with the touchscreen or by using nearly every button on the console like you were putting in the Konami code or something.

Beyond that, there are some welcome accessibility options in the form of 21 new localised keyboard languages, with support for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean being worked on. The achievements page has received a refresh to make it “faster to load and easier to navigate”, and you can now swap between multiple windows in a single application – including the web browser.

As for power improvements, Valve has increased battery life in “idle or very low usage scenarios”, the Steam Deck warns you if your charger isn’t working right, and the LED light now dims after a few seconds. The update also adds an uncapped framerate option in the performance menu and improves compatibility for the best Steam Deck docks. All in all, a welcome little update.

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