Valve requests Steam Deck user return the turkey fryer it sent

A Steam Deck user was accidentally gifted a free turkey fryer by Valve, and now the company is asking for the cooking item back, just in time for Christmas

A Steam Deck with a turkey fryer on the screen against a red background

Valve graciously asked a Steam Deck user to return a turkey fryer which was accidentally sent to them. The kitchen gadget was recently bundled and shipped to the customer, which probably meant someone somewhere went without turkey for Thanksgiving.

In a recent update, Reddit user Throwaway19712654876 has shown a screenshot from an email sent by Valve. The message states that the turkey fryer was sent to the Steam Deck developer’s repair centre before being sent to the wrong customer. The company now asks if the item can be returned, presumably so it ships to its rightful owner.

With Christmas just around the corner, those who have the Valve handheld gaming PC may well be looking forward to receiving the best Steam Deck dock as a gift. However, at least one person will be thrilled that they’ll finally be able to cook a turkey over the coming festive period – provided it’s actually been repaired, that is…

The Redditor had initially expected to receive just their repaired Steam Deck, but then discovered the fryer along with the handheld. After the initial confusion, Valve took ownership of the mistake and explained that it was an assumption that the two devices belonged to the same person. You know what they say about ‘assumptions’, but Throwaway19712654876 is happily sending the turkey fryer back to its owner.

It was clearly just an oversight on behalf of the company, and it took a three-day investigation for the realisation to kick in. In all, it looks as though someone will finally be getting the appliance they originally sent off for, which is something of a Christmas miracle, in a way.