Valve accidentally bundles Steam Deck with a turkey fryer

A Steam Deck user receives an unexpected gift from Valve in the guise of a turkey fryer, which could actually come in handy for Thanksgiving

A Steam Deck with a turkey fryer on the screen

November 29, 2022 Valve has since taken responsibility and asked the user to return the turkey fryer

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Valve has sent a Steam Deck user a turkey fryer. While it’s more of an oversight than a charitable gift, that’s not to say the recipient won’t put it to use while they get to grips with the handheld gaming PC.

The extra item was sent by accident to Reddit user Throwaway19712654876 who was expecting to receive just a repaired Deck. Although most people would prefer to pair their device with the best Steam Deck dock, having a fryer could be handy for many, especially at this time of year.

Showing a screenshot from an email, the user shows the rest of the Reddit thread proof that the item was indeed sent by Valve. However, it seems as though there’s been a mix-up, as the Steam Deck developer believes Throwaway19712654876 was the one who sent the turkey fryer in the first place. As far as the company is concerned, the cooking contraption belongs to the user, though the original poster says it definitely isn’t theirs.

Diving deeper into the mystery, another person – who goes by ThorGanjasson – thinks they may know what’s happened. They say that Valve uses a company called Ingram Micro, a business-to-business wholesaler based in California. Ingram also partners with the likes of Amazon, Samsung, and Walmart, sharing warehouse stock.

According to ThorGanjasson, it’s likely that someone on the distribution side of things accidentally bundled the fryer with the repaired Steam Deck. That does seem to tie a ribbon around the elusiveness of the item, but it also sadly means that someone may be going without a turkey this Thanksgiving.