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This Steam FPS game gives you no guns and two real life hours to win

An upcoming Steam FPS game called Tickdown gives you no guns and just two real-life hours to beat it, and it looks pretty incredible

This Steam FPS game gives you no guns and two real life hours to win

Some of the best FPS games often come out of nowhere on Steam, and what we’ve got for you here may just be a contender for the title. With some unique mechanics, frenetic gameplay, and bright visuals, this FPS could rival the likes of Doom and Titanfall 2 for its player control and speed.

Called Tickdown and developed by Adil Malik, this game gives you no guns and just two real-time hours to complete the objective. Channelling BioShock’s iconic plasmids in a science fantasy game setting, Tickdown lets you shoot the elements of fire, water, earth and air from your fingertips as you encounter hordes of enemies.

“You are a counter-terrorist agent,” reads the Steam FPS game’s description. “You have two real-time hours to locate and defuse a weapon of mass destruction. The fate of the world is dependent upon whether you succeed, and what you learn along the way.

“Staying still is a death sentence. Constantly outmanoeuvre your enemies and use their energy to keep the fight going.”

You can check out Tickdown in the gameplay video below.

YouTube Thumbnail

Tickdown also lets you move in any direction you’re looking, in an effort to make sure all your movement is unrestricted as you dodge between enemy fire. You’ll also need to mix and match your abilities to make them most effective, while restoring health by killing enemies or absorbing their attacks.

There’s even multiple endings and side stories too, which aim to flesh out the world you’re in when playing Tickdown. These different pathways will likely enlighten us to the exact details of this mysterious weapon of mass destruction and the opposing force of the game – at least, that would be my guess.

You don’t need to wait long either, as Tickdown is set for release on Steam on December 13, so you can be jumping around and shooting elements from your hands in no time. You can find Tickdown on Steam right now.

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