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Steam is holding an LGBTQ+ sale to highlight queer games and creators

Reductions of up to 90% are available

Steam currently has a sale on LGBTQ+ games, with reductions of up to 90% off dozens of titles either from LGBTQ+ creators or containing themes thereof.

The sale started this weekend, and extensively covers games pertaining to the LGBTQ+ community in some way, shape or form. There’s a lot of visual novels and dating sims, popular genres with queer developers and players alike, so if you’re a fan of those there’s likely something among the reductions worth picking up. There’s plenty on offer otherwise though, from series backed by major publishers all the way to one-person releases. Everything is laid out by genre and, as you scroll further down, there’s two ‘Queer Game Bundles’ that offer a selection of games at an greater premium, as well as a spotlight on some free-to-play titles if you’re flat broke.

Some highlights include the award-winning walking sim Gone Home, currently at a 60% discount, dad-dating sim Dream Daddy: Dadrector’s Cut, which has a nice 69% discount, cyberpunk bar-tending visual novel Va-11 Hall-A, sitting at a cool 30% off, and neo-noir sci-fi strategy game All Walls Must Fall, retailing for 60% off. There’s more recommendations in this Reddit thread.

Recently, Gears 5 was lauded for containing flags from across the LGBTQ+ spectrum for players to use in multiplayer matches. Though a small gesture, it went a long way to making fans of all sexualities and genders feel welcome in the game’s community.

As the length of this sale can attest, Gears 5 isn’t alone in celebrating diversity in this way, and it’s nice to see Steam making sure these works get some added visibility.

There’s no closing date for the sale, but be sure to check it out sooner rather than later if you’re curious.