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Steam Summer Sale Day 6: the wallets are restless

Steam Summer Sale 2014 day 6

On the sixth day, there was yet another sale. If you’re yet to buy anything, congratulations! You’ve almost lasted a week. But will this be the day that breaks your resolve? 

Who knows? But if you do falter, at least let us help you by telling what might be worth throwing some cash at. There’s quite a lot to choose from.

Daily Deals:

Fallout New Vegas has been on sale a fair few times, but if you keep on missing it, now’s your chance. It’s the Ultimate Edition that’s on sale, which comes with all of New Vegas’ DLC. Only Old World Blues jumps out as something every Wasteland wanderer should own, but the rest do provide a lot of new gear and some tales that flesh out Nevada. You can pick up the whole lot for £5.09/$6.79.

Ever felt that deep inside, you were really a theocratic goblin queen? No? Just me, then. But now you might be tempted, at least, to find out what ruling a magical kingdom as a tiny green women with zealotic proclivities would be like. That’s what Age of Wonders III is for. It’s a worthy installment in the 4X fantasy franchise, mixing empire-building strategy with tense tactical battles. Read our review if you need to be tempted further. It’s half-price right now at £14.99/$19.99

Co-op by yourself, that’s what Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is. Sounds a bit sad, doesn’t it? Appropriate, then, as Brothers is a melancholy adventure where two brothers must rely on each other to find a cure for their dying father. Each brother is controlled by a thumbstick – you will need a Xbox or PlayStation controller – and cleverly end up feeling like part of a whole. It’s dirt cheap at £2.19/$2.99.

Flash Sale:

Darksiders II surprasses its predecessor in every way, from scope to combat, from art direction to writing. Everything just feels polished and well-thought out. The platforming is smooth and acrobatic, the combat is fast-paced and stylish, and the semi-open world begs to be explored. There’s a lot of content to get through for £4.99/$5.99.

I can’t decide if I should tell you to get Nidhogg or Shadow Warrior, so I’m going to recommend both. Nidhogg really shines if you have a buddy to play with. It’s a fencing tug of war that inevitably leads to roars of frustration and cheers of jubilation. One moment you’ll feel like Errol Flynn, and seconds later you’ll just feel like a drunk with a pointy stick. Snatch it up for £3.74/$5.09.

Shadow Warrior is what you should grab if you want to get in on some sword fighting action but want to play alone. It’s silly, crass and throws gore and viscera all over the place. Limbs get hacked off, demons jump out at you, and you get to play a manchild assassin. What’s not to love? Especially at £5.99/$7.99.

Community’s Choice:

Kentucky Route Zero has yet to conclude, with only the first three of five acts available. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pick it up. The episodic game is gorgeous, for one, and it’s just about one of the most peculiar adventures you could dive into. To give up more of the secrets of the magical highway would ruin it, so just go grab it. It’s only £9.49/$12.49.

So what’s tickled your fancy today?