Steam Summer Sale Day 8: murder and intrigue

Steam Summer Sale 2014 day 8

There’s nothing like starting another week of Steam sales with murder and intrigue. And there’s plenty of that in day 8 of the Steam Summer Sale. Lets not let the fact that the red team has won, once again, mar what could otherwise be a lovely day full of death and deceit. 

So onwards we go, to the best deals of the day. 

Daily Deals:

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag was one of our Best PC Games of 2013, and for good reason. After the disappointing third outing, Black Flag was what the series needed to pick it back up again. High seas adventures, treasure hunting, titanic, stirring ship battles – the pirate’s life is a grand one. An early assassination mission tasks you with air-assassinating a cougar. It’s wonderful. It’s pricier than the other deals, but at £19.99/$19.99 it’s absolutely worth it.

Another one of our favourites from last year, Europa Universalis IV is the king of grand strategy. Small states and huge kingdoms and empires are yours to rule and ruin through war, politics, royal marriages and cunning. There’s never a good moment to step away; always an ally needing help, an enemy amassing on your borders, and pope to placate. It’s the answer to countless historical what ifs, and will only set you back £8.74/$9.99.

Dishonored continues to be as close as anyone has come to making a game that gets close to the lofty heights of the the first three Thief games. But it’s more than just an impressive stealth game: it’s a game of choice and freedom. Magic, murder, the shadows – they are all tools in Corvo’s arsenal as he attempts to bring down a coup and clear his name. And the level design gives me the vapours. You can nab it for £2.49/$4.99, but I highly recommend you splash out a little more and pick up the GOTY edition. It comes with a few pieces of DLC, two of which are even better than the core game.

Flash Sales:

I picked up SteamWorld Dig for the 3DS, and it’s my go-to game for car rides or extra long poops. The PC version doesn’t have that functionality, but it’s still work snatching up. It’s a metroidvania platformer where you’re a robot prospector in the Old West, digging around for ore. It is simultaneously relaxing and challenging. The methodical nature of the journey downwards is nearly therapeutic, while that rush to get back up again before your fuel runs out can be frantic and tricky. You can get it for a miniscule £1.74/$2.49

Anything grabbing your attention today?