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Steam Remote Play is now “experimentally available”

You can now stream games between any two Steam clients

Steam has offered in-home streaming for some time, and Steam Link Anywhere has offered limited access to your home PC’s game library since earlier this year. Now, we’ve finally got proper Steam Remote Play, which will let you stream games to any computer which has Steam installed – as long as your connection is up to snuff on both ends.

Remote Play replaces the In-Home Streaming option in today’s Steam client update, but Valve describes the feature as only being “experimentally available.” In other words, expect some hitches. Your mileage will vary depending on your network setup, and whether the clients you’re trying to use “are close to a Steam datacenter.”

The Steam Link app got us part of the way to Remote Play, but getting to play, say, games from your powerful desktop PC on a budget laptop is a pretty convincing use case. Playing Steam games on your phone or TV is neat enough, but sometimes you still need a proper mouse and keyboard setup to enjoy a good PC title.

This update also includes an array of bug fixes and quality of life updates, mostly focused on the in-game overlay and Steam Input options.

More broadly, we’re likely to see the new Steam library in action very soon, as Valve says we’re just weeks away from a public beta.

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Oh, and Valve released a new game this week. What a world, right?