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The new Steam library is “weeks away” from public beta

We're getting a beta for the new Steam

The new Steam library has been a long time coming, but we finally learned what it looks like – and we’re going to be able to play with it within a few weeks. In a developer-focused update, Valve has confirmed that we’re just “weeks away” from the new features going into public beta, and has provided a few new screenshots of the redesigned interface.

If you’ve seen the leaks of the UI update or our preview of the Library redesign, you’ll know what to expect here – a list panel on the left similar to what we have now, but a more detailed library overview along with more information on each individual game page. Developers will need to start updating their games to match the new look.

“We are weeks away from the public beta of this new feature set,” Valve says in the announcement, so “now is the time to start uploading new assets for your updated library presence.” There are no details on how the public beta will roll out – whether it’s going out to all users or if it’ll be an opt-in affair – but at least we know it’s coming soon.

You can see the blog post in full for some new screenshots. (Or, if you’re a developer, details on how to update your game’s library presence.)

Either way, it looks we’ll have much more insight on Steam’s new look very soon.

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