New Steam update might let you hide your most embarrassing games

A new Steam update, reportedly being tested by Valve, will let you hide games from friends, in case you’re playing something embarrassing.

Steam update hide games: A man in a bath, Geralt from RPG game The Witcher 3, with the Steam logo

A new Steam update, which Valve is reportedly in the process of testing, will allow you to hide whatever game you are playing from friends and public view, a potentially useful feature if – for whatever reason – you find yourself enjoying something you’d rather people not know about. In some cases, you might be quietly nervous about the hours you’re pouring into Counter-Strike 2, Diablo 4, or Call of Duty. In others, well, let’s just say there are a lot of games on Steam, and not all of them are the kind you’d like to play in public.

Good old Steam. Between RPGs, strategy games, and basically everything else released for our beloved rigs, Valve’s platform has become the de facto home of PC gaming. Counter-Strike 2, Dota 2, Grand Theft Auto 5, and Baldur’s Gate 3 are currently some of the most-played Steam games, and unlikely to make you red in the face if they appear on your profile. There are, however, tens of thousands of games on Steam, and some of them – for a variety of reasons – might make you a little apprehensive if you know your friends can see what you’re playing.

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As it stands, people on your friends lists can see the title of whatever Steam game you currently have open. That might be about to change, however, owing to reports of a new feature supposedly being tested by Valve. Pavel Djundik, creator of Steam DB, shares an image of a new option that is possibly coming to your Steam profile, whereby you can set specific games to ‘private.’

Steam update hide games: A supposed new Steam feature from Valve that lets players hide games from friends

According to the image shared by Djundik, the option allows you to ‘mark a game as private and hide it from my friends.’ There is no word on when this feature might arrive, if indeed Valve is planning to implement it, but I think we can all imagine its potential uses. It might also help sales of some of Steam’s more… artistic games. Knowing people can see what they’re playing might put people off buying certain games, but with that possibility removed, they might be more inclined to make a purchase.

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