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Snag the coolest 2D XCOM style heist game for $1

Excellent 2D turn-based strategy game Steamworld Heist, all about satisfying skill shots, is on sale for just $1.04 ahead of its sequel.

Steamworld Heist sale gives you one of the coolest turn-based strategy games for basically a dollar - A robot pirate wearing a stylish hat.

Of all the many XCOM adjacent turn-based strategy games on PC, Steamworld Heist might just be the one that makes you feel the coolest. A heist game all about leading your steampunk robot pirate crew through a series of tactical spaceship shootouts, its unique bullet-bouncing gambit makes for some incredibly satisfying and deep strategy, so I was very happy to hear that Steamworld Heist 2 is bringing it back later in 2024. Ahead of that, you can grab the first game – itself an impressive 96%-rated on Steam – for basically a dollar right now to see what you’ve been missing.

Ever since the days of Revolver Ocelot in the Metal Gear Solid series, I’ve been certain that the slickest thing any gunslinger can do, without question, is ricocheting a shot off the environment to take out an enemy without cover. In Steamworld Heist, that’s essentially your core mechanic. As you board enemy spaceships in search of delicious loot, you’ll dart from cover to cover in this turn-based strategy game, looking for the perfect angle to deliver a shot.

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When you prepare to open fire, you’re given precise 360-degree control over your aim and, as mentioned, your shots will bounce off the environment multiple times. This means that lining up the ideal angle can see you ping a stray grenade into a waiting foe as your shot crumples through another bit of cover, exposing a second opponent, before burying itself in the back of a third enemy’s head, both putting them out of action and sending their rather fashionable hat flying your way as a memento to keep and wear for the future.

Steamworld Heist is 93% off via GOG through Friday April 19. That means you’ll pay just $1.04/£0.79 for your copy, though you’ll have to be quick to take advantage of the savings. Simply click the button below to grab it while you can.

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