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Free games: Steep is yours forever on Uplay

Steep is the latest free game from Uplay

Amid a years-long drought of winter sports titles, Ubisoft’s Steep provided a chilly oasis back in 2016. Its open world gameplay is a good bit more exploratory than SSX, the inevitable comparison for any game featuring snowboards, but Steep adds wingsuits, paragliding, and skiing to the mix. Now Steep is yours to claim through Uplay.

You can hit Ubisoft’s official site to claim Steep for yourself. The giveaway went live this morning, and will last until May 21 – the page will specify whenever it ends in your local time. The game will activate via Uplay, so you’ll need Ubisoft’s launcher installed to play. Once you’ve claimed it, the game will be yours to keep forever.

If you enjoy what you play, Steep’s DLC is also available at a discount right now. The full season pass is 60% off, and you can get varied discounts on individual releases like the Road to the Olympics, the Winterfest Pack, and the X Games pack.

Check a little bit of Steep in action with the trailer below.

Just be cautious about tumbling down the mountainside.

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