First Stellaris patch fixes crashes, stubborn allied wormholes and performance issues

Stellaris patch 1.0.1

Stellaris is out. We like it, you lot have basically all bought it, and now Paradox are fixing it. It’s not been the most cataclysmic launch in PC gaming history, but the swarm of 4X-fans fixating on their new obsession meant bugs were found quickly. A particularly nasty amount of stuttering could occur on certain machines, as well as various crashes.

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Officially dubbed Stellaris patch 1.0.1, here’s the full changelist:

  • Fixed crash to desktop when showing tooltip for an ambient object that gets destroyed
  • Fixed crash to desktop when an ambient object gets destroyed while selected
  • Fixed fleets getting stuck trying to use wormhole stations belonging to other empires
  • Improved performance issues and fixed issues with stuttering in early game

Project lead Rikard Åslund also notes that they’re getting there on a second hotfix for more bugs and stability issues. They’ve also started work on the first major patch – balance tweaks and extras, we assume – but Åslund doesn’t have a date on that yet.

Meanwhile on Twitter, Daniel Eriksson, a programmer on Stellaris, shared this tidbit as context for why Quality Assurance can’t catch everything:

For math fans, that’s about 62,610 hours, or roughly how long I’ve spent thinking on how great spaceships are. Whose been playing Stellaris? Tell us your successful space-tales below.