This cozy new indie game lets you run your own sticker shop

Sticky Business, an adorably wholesome indie game that sees you run your very own online sticker shop, has just released and it's already one of my 2023 faves.

A raccoon perched upon a witch's broom while wearing a purple pointy hat

Sticky Business has been on my mind for a while now. Thanks to the wholesome gaming community, I have been keeping my eye on cozy indie games like this one, hoping to spark a comforting joy within myself similar to the one produced by other cute genre highlights like Spiritfarer or Stardew Valley. I no longer need to wait as Sticky Business has finally released, giving us relaxing game lovers an entirely fresh and unique experience in which we run our own online sticker shop – customization, simulation, and all.

Do you love cats? Frogs? Mushrooms? Planets? Raccoons? Perhaps some shiny popsicles with smiley faces? If you answered yes to any of those, then you should check Sticky Business out. The game revolves around your sticker business, one in which you will be tasked with creating, packing, and selling your original, unique sticker designs.

To craft these one-of-a-kind stickers, you can combine dozens of different elements for a total of thousands of possible combinations. Each sticker will appeal to a different kind of customer, so you can make a shop with a strong, themed focus or have a little bit of everything for everyone’s tastes. Your business is all about your creativity, and your assorted sticker sheets will be there to prove as much.

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Sticky Business sold itself to me with two words, to be honest. Holo and sparkles. That’s right, you can even add shimmer and shine to the stickers. Afterward, you also get to pack the stickers up with custom filling and paper. For an even more wholesome run at being a shop owner, throw in some extra goodies while packing a customer’s order up.

Is your brain just as overloaded with cuteness as mine is after hearing about all of the game’s features? You can buy Sticky Business on Steam for $8.99 / £7.65 during its release sale for 10% off its usual price.

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