Strange bedfellows: YouPorn has found an eSports team to sponsor

YouPorn eSports

When YouPorn, purveyor of videos with folk shagging in them, put the word out that it was looking to sponsor an eSports team, it wasn’t a gag. The porn site was hoping to find an eSports team or player, particularly from League of Legends, Dota 2 or Hearthstone, to make a deal with. 

It’s found one.

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Today, the porn site’s Twitter account revealed that a contract has been drafted and the deal is coming soon.

(The Twitter feed is, not surprisingly, NSFW)

The curator of sweaty entertainment hasn’t revealed the name of the team that it’ll be sponsoring, but one follower did ask it if it was Virtus.Pro. YouPorn’s response? “Maybe. Maybe not”.

With eSports seeing more and more mainstream exposure while also combating sexism and general toxicity, team’s being sponsored by porn sites – while somewhat amusing – could be perceived to be a step back. That said, I suspect that a team wearing YouPorn’s tame logo on their t-shirts will do very little tangible harm. Though it might come across as a bit juvenile.

What do you lovely folk reckon?