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Final Fantasy Origin devs prefer your Chaos memes to no buzz at all

The Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin devs are fine with the Chaos memes, but they might do a future reveal for the RPG in a “slightly” different way

Final Fantasy Origin meme: the main protagonist of Stranger of Paradise looks menacingly at the camera

Whether or not you’ve been looking forward to Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, it’s likely you’ve run across more than a few memes poking fun at the upcoming PC game’s gritty tone. While moments like Jack getting his phone out and ignoring exposition in favour of music might be standouts, the undisputed king of Stranger of Paradise memes is protagonist Jack Garland’s obsession with destroying Chaos, who is the big bad of the RPG.

Now, people talking about your new PC game should be a good thing. On the other hand, maybe people have latched onto the wrong part of the reveal. “Honestly, the amount of Chaos memes was not quite what we were expecting,” producer Jin Fujiwara tells us. (We’re not sure anyone was expecting the volume of memes we got, to be fair.) Fujiwara says that the jokes are “better than if it wasn’t being talked about at all.” You can now scratch off the idea that it was a PR-led move.

Even if any PR is good PR, that doesn’t mean it’s what you’re aiming for. Fujiwara says that he’d prefer people to be talking about getting a new Final Fantasy action game, rather than just the Chaos thing.

“If we were to do it over again, I would perhaps want to take a slightly different approach, maybe try and get that point across clearer,” Fujiwara adds.

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Marketing for games has changed a fair bit in recent years, and the internet’s meme-heavy response to things like the debut of Lady Dimitrescu have certainly helped games gain an extra degree of notoriety.

We’re not likely to see a do-over of the marketing for Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, but it could well be that we’ll see a bit less Chaos in the future.