Fight Final Fantasy 1’s WoL in Stranger of Paradise DLC

The first Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin DLC, Trials of the Dragon King, arrives July 20 and sees Jack fighting FF1’s Warrior of Light and Bahamut

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin - Bahamut

Square Enix has announced that the first expansion for raucous RPG game Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, Trials of the Dragon King, will be releasing in July. A new trailer shows off action that suggests you will fight Final Fantasy 1’s Warrior of Light and face off against the fantasy game‘s titular Dragon King, Bahamut.

The trailer begins where the main game left off – so spoiler warning for those of you yet to play it to completion – with the first Final Fantasy’s warriors of light stepping into the room where Jack Garland, decked out in his full armour set, sits awaiting them on a throne. “You will die here,” he proclaims, “and I will live forever.”

We then get a glimpse of Bahamut, as Jack and friends square up to the Dragon King. “Don’t forget our deal,” says Jack, before we are shown a few quick cuts showing a fight against the giant dragon. Bahamut shows off some wide sweeping attacks and huge ground slams, which promises to be a highlight battle for fans of the series.

Also much anticipated by fans is Jack squaring up against the first game’s Warrior of Light, who is donned in the same blue, long-horned garb that was portrayed in Dissidia Final Fantasy. He wields his trademark sword and shield, and throws out some long-ranged magical attacks alongside his melee repertoire.

You can watch the Trials of the Dragon King teaser below:

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Stranger of Paradise: Trials of the Dragon King arrives on July 20, and this first DLC for Final Fantasy Origin is also included as part of the action-adventure game’s season pass.

If you’re looking to boost the underwhelming performance of the Stranger of Paradise PC port, one mod might be helpful – although it also shaves every character’s head. Stranger of Paradise may have its issues, but it leans into its over-the-top tone in a ridiculous manner and throws the loot around like candy in a way that you almost have to see for yourself.