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Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin comes to PC next year

Team Ninja is bringing us a dark Final Fantasy action game

The leaks were accurate – Final Fantasy Origin, with the proper title Stranger of Paradise, is on the way. This is an action game developed by Team Ninja, the folks behind the Dark Souls-inspired Nioh games, alongside Tetsuya Nomura and Kazushige Nojima. A debut trailer shows off a bit of the game’s corny, grimdark tone, ahead of its launch in 2022.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin launches on PC (as well as PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series S and X, and Xbox One) in 2022. A demo will be available exclusively on PlayStation 5 from today until June 24, so if you’ve been lucky enough to grab the new console, you can get an early taste.

“With the memory of their struggle buried deep in their hearts,” the official plot description goes, “Jack and his allies, Ash and Jed, burn with resolve to defeat Chaos as they throw open the gates to the Chaos Shrine. Yet doubts remain – are they truly the Warriors of Light the prophecy foretold? ”

The early leaks suggested this would be something of a prequel to the original Final Fantasy, which the ‘Warriors of Light’ theme certainly matches. Either way, it’s definitely a dark fantasy take on the series.

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