How to get the Stray poncho for Elliot and fix the broken tracker

The Stray poncho is the unlikely key to fixing the broken tracker and keeping a cold robot warm, making it one of the most valuable items in The Slums

Stray poncho and broken tracker: One of the robot residents of the Walled City laid on a couch with the stray cat taking a nap on his stomach. The robot is wearing a cowboy hat and displaying a heart on the monitor that doubles as his face.

Struggling to get the Stray poncho? It might seem bizarre, but acquiring the poncho is essential to fixing Doc’s broken tracker and departing The Slums. Thankfully, Annapurna’s cyberpunk cat game grants you a surprising amount of freedom to explore at your own pace, so you might find you’re halfway to solving this puzzle without even realising it.

In order to acquire the Stray poncho, you must have traded in the detergent with the Barterman to receive the electric cable. If you’re still stuck on where to find the detergent, don’t worry – just follow our guide on how to access the Stray Super Spirit laundromat to get yourself up to speed.

How to get the Stray poncho from Grandma

Once you’ve discovered Doc’s hidden room and retrieved the broken tracker, your first port of call should be enlisting the help of Elliot, the local computer whiz. If you haven’t encountered Elliot yet, check our guide to the Stray safe code for all the details on where to find him – and how to decipher the mysterious password while you’re at it.

Stray poncho and broken tracker: Elliot, the computer geek robot in The Slums, shivering in front of his workstation as he tells the stray cat that he needs a blanket to fix the broken tracker.

Unfortunately, after you’ve located Elliot and shown him the broken tracker, you’ll discover the process to fix it isn’t so straightforward. While Elliot can repair the broken tracker, they’re trembling and in desperate need of a blanket, making them unable to work.

You won’t find a spare blanket lying around The Slums, but have no fear – this is where the Stray poncho comes in. What’s more, its location is very close by.

Exit Elliot’s Programming via the stairs and take an immediate right past the two robots swaddled in blankets. Grandma Clothing is situated at the end of the alleyway, and Grandma herself is perched on a chair under a string of lights. Show her the electric cable and she’ll immediately exchange it for the Stray poncho.

Stray poncho and broken tracker: The robot known as Grandma sitting on a folding chair next to a mannequin and a basket of fabric, with a collection of rugs on the floor around her

Return to Elliot and show him the poncho to prompt him to try it on. Once he’s all wrapped up, speak to him again and he’ll fix the broken tracker as promised.

That concludes our guide to get the Stray poncho and fix the broken tracker. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to acquire another electric cable from the Barterman and request Grandma to make another poncho for you, but you can return to Seamus and continue solving the mystery of Doc’s disappearance.

Your journey through the Walled City is just getting started, so take a look at our Stray beginners guide for a variety of handy tips and tricks. Alternatively, check out our Stray review to see if we enjoyed seeing the world from a cat’s-eye view.