Stray mod turns the cat into a creepy four-legged Shrek

A Stray mod transforms the loveable cat from BlueTwelve’s platformer into a tiny version of Shrek that’s somehow creepier than that CJ from GTA: San Andreas mod

Stray mod turns the cat into Shrek: a loveable ginger cat from the platformer Stray only now with the face of Shrek imposed onto it

A new Stray mod turns the adorable cat from BlueTwelve’s breakout platformer into a tiny, four-legged version of Shrek that somehow, though we didn’t think it was possible, manages to be a lot creepier than the CJ from GTA: San Andreas mod.

Be Shrek Be Love is the – also intensely creepy – name of this Stray mod, which basically takes the thoroughly-memed, CGI ogre, and wraps him around the character model and animations for the eponymous, sci-fi stray cat. He walks on all fours. He curls up and goes to sleep in a sort of bizarre, twisted, green puddle. Instead of meowing, he speaks lines from the films in his gentle, Scottish accent. We’ve witnessed in the past the internet’s collective attempts to import Shrek into every possible videogame, including Stardew Valley, but this cat-Shrek crossover is one of the most alarming yet.

“Only this summer,” announces the mod’s trailer, which shows some of the other cats from Stray also transformed into nightmarish little Shreks, and comes accompanied by a concerningly romantic-sounding jazz saxophone, “the great power awaits. Play as Shrek. Return to the swamp. Be love. Be Life.” Conoussiers among you will notice that, just as the cat’s ears flicker and twitch, so do Shrek’s own weird little ear tubes. Those are the kinds of details that really set a mod apart.

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If you’re a beginner to Stray, check out our beginner’s guide on how to find secrets and fulfil requests. We can also tell you where to find all the Stray memories and memory locations, as well as help you get set up with the right Stray system requirements, and best Stray settings for Steam Deck. You can download Be Shrek Be Love over at Nexus Mods, nightmares guaranteed.