All Stray memories and memory locations

Restore B-12’s corrupted memory banks by hunting down all the Stray memories to uncover the mystery lurking at the heart of the Walled City

Stray memories guide: A close-up on B-12, the companion robot that accompanies the stray on his quest through the Walled City. B-12 is a small drone with a two lights for eyes and a vent for a mouth, with two antennae sticking out of the top of its head for ears. B-12 is stamped on the front of their casing.

Are the Stray memories eluding you? The Walled City is teeming with collectibles, and chief among them are B-12’s lost memories. While your first priority is finding a means of escaping the city, restoring B-12’s memories by finding all of the Stray memory locations comes in at a close second. Each memory will give you some valuable insight into the history of the Walled City, as well as B-12’s own obscure origins.

There are a whopping 27 Stray memories to collect, so we certainly wouldn’t blame you for missing a few on your playthrough. Some memories are impossible to miss, while others can only be found by exploring the darkest corners of the Walled City. Thankfully, if you have reached the end of the game with a few gaps left in B-12’s memory, you can easily restart each chapter from the main menu.

How to find Stray memories

All Stray memory locations emit a blue glow, allowing you to spot them in the environment. You can also consult B-12’s memory banks to find a glitching image of the location of every lost memory in the area, though they are understandably difficult to decipher.

You’re free to explore at your own pace, so the order that you’ll stumble upon Stray memories will vary from playthrough to playthrough. However, we’ve organised this list to reflect the order they’re unlocked in B-12’s memory banks.

Stray memory locations

The Flat

There’s one Stray memory in The Flat:

Stray memories guide: The eponymous stray about to jump out of a metal bucket on a zipline onto a concrete roof filled with rubbish. Further ahead is the colourful mural depicting a beach with a palm tree and wooden dinghy


Primary memory #1: All of B-12’s primary memories are recovered during cutscenes that are necessary to progress, making them impossible to miss. You’ll encounter this one shortly after you leave the flat, on the linear path to The Slums. Ride the bucket down to the lower levels, and when you hop out you’ll be confronted with a vibrant mural of a beach with a palm tree.

The Slums

It’s worth noting that the Stray chapter list displays seven memories for both The Slums and The Slums – Part 2, but this is only to reflect how many memories are outstanding in the area. If you’ve retrieved all memories during your first visit to The Slums, there will be no additional ones to collect in The Slums – Part 2.

There are seven Stray memories in The Slums:

Stray memories guide: The orange tabby and B-12 stand on a corrugated metal roof bordered with barbed wire, observing the remains of a robot slumped against the back of a broken neon sign bearing an arrow, with a pile of three brown suitcases next to him

Rooftop robot

By the time you reach The Slums, you’ll have encountered the remains of several robots on your travels. This one, however, is slightly off the beaten path.

Head to the rooftops, then ride the bucket adjacent to the two robots throwing paint buckets above the Stray Super Spirit laundromat. From there, scale the slanted roof to your immediate left and take a peek behind the broken sign to find a robot slumped beside a stack of suitcases.

Stray memories guide: The eponymous stray and B-12 looking at the ancient relic in the Barterman's shop, which turns out to be a photograph of the robot sweeping the floor, while the Barterman looks on

Ancient relic

Once you’ve managed to collect three energy drinks from the vending machines scattered across The Slums, trade these in at the Barterman for the ancient relic, which turns out to be a photograph of a robot sweeping.

Stray memories guide: The orange tabby standing in front of a table holding a bowl on a tray

Abandoned meal

This Stray memory resides on the upper floor of the Dufer Bar. You return to this location repeatedly during your time in The Slums, so if you haven’t found it yet, look for the red neon sign to the right of the robot leaning against the vending machine. The abandoned meal can be found on the small table at the top of the stairs, just opposite the pool table.

Stray memories guide: The orange tabby standing in front of the Back Home 2 poster which depicts a human standing in front of a strange alien structure

Back Home 2

Finding this memory requires having a snoop around Momo’s flat, which you’ll visit as part of the story. Pass through the bead curtain just beyond the television and you can find the poster for Back Home 2 on the left-hand wall of Momo’s bedroom.

Stray memories guide: The RIP HUMANS <3 graffiti is emblazoned across a concrete wall that’s covered in faded posters for businesses once owned by humans

RIP Humans

There’s plenty of graffiti that’ll draw your attention in The Slums, but the one you’re searching for is particularly eye-catching. The RIP Humans mural is up the short flight of stairs past the Super Spirit laundromat. Be sure to grab the energy drink from the vending machine nearby to exchange with the Barterman while you’re at it.

Stray memories guide: The orange tabby and B-12 observing graffiti of a happy robot that's smiling and waving, with C-14 written on his torso. There's a speech bubble coming from his mouth, but the words are written in the robot language

Waving robot graffiti

Plenty of Stray memories can only be recovered by making use of the game’s extensive verticality, and this one is no exception. Enter the small alleyway to the left of Morusque, the musician, and scale the bins and air-con units to find this cheerful graffiti.

Stray memories guide: The orange tabby and B-12 observe a flourishing tree balanced on a white plastic garden chair in a darkened corner of a room. Next to it, another leafy green plant is growing out of a toilet

Potted plant

This Stray memory is inexplicably flourishing in a dark corner of Elliot’s Programming, sitting on a plastic chair to your left at the top of the stairs. You eventually need to pay Elliot a visit to find a use for the Stray poncho, so if you haven’t encountered them yet, take a look at our guide to solving the Stray safe code for directions to their room – and how to crack the mysterious password while you’re at it.


There are three Stray memories in Rooftops:

Stray memories guide: The orange tabby and B-12 standing before the enormous red neon sign bearing four letters in robot language, sitting upon a small mountain of litter

Neon sign

This Stray memory can be found shortly after encountering the first pack of Zurks in the area. Once you’ve climbed onto the tin roof, use the loose beam to swing yourself around and reach the messy rooftop straight ahead. Not only is the neon sign enormous, it also flickers erratically, making it almost impossible to miss.

Stray memories guide: The eponymous stray and B-12 observing the crumbling Neco Corp billboard that's being slowly swallowed by Zurk eggs and strange flesh

Neco Corp billboard

It’s easy to overlook the Neco Corp billboard on your journey up the tower block, especially since you’ll be preoccupied dealing with the pack of Zurks roaming this particular floor. Once you’ve lured the Zurks into the fenced-in area and closed the entrance using the terminal, head to the blockade of metal girders. Hop over them to find the Neco Corp billboard half-buried under the strange fleshy substance infesting the area.

Stray memories guide: The eponymous stray standing at the base of the antennae, with B-12's inventory open and the transceiver selected

City view

Primary memory #2: Once you attach the transceiver to the antenna as Momo requested, B-12’s second primary memory will be recovered during the ensuing cutscene.

Dead End

There are three Stray memories in Dead End:

Stray memories guide: The eponymous stray standing in front of the rusted shutters that separate The Slums from the rest of the city

Border wall

Find the border wall after passing through the gate into the area, shortly after leaving Seamus. Follow the canal path and turn left to see the large set of shutters emitting the tell-tale blue glow that signals a Stray memory.

Stray memories guide: The eponymous stray and B-12 in front of the remains of a fisherman that's sprawled out the corner of a wooden platform surrounded by cushions and rugs


You’ll recover this memory shortly after riding the cart and climbing up the waste pipes. Slip through the hole in the chain-link fence and follow the path along to a small platform on the water. You can find the remains of the robot fisherman slumped in the corner alongside a collection of cushions.

Stray memories guide: The mannequin stands against the wall of Doc's computer room, just to the left of a couch overflowing with binbags and other waste. The mannequin is also wielding a mop and pizza box as a makeshift spear and shield


Doc’s house is jam-packed with stuff, so take a minute or two to have a poke around. The mannequin is propped up against the wall to the right of the computer desk, easily identifiable by the upturned bucket bearing a smiley face placed over its head.

The Sewers

There are two Stray memories in The Sewers:

Stray memories guide: The eponymous stray and B-12 travel through a large concrete sewer pipe. At the end of the pipe is a safety railing that blocks off a huge, darkened room housing the Walled City’s sewage system

Sewer system

This Stray memory can be found shortly after leaving Momo behind. Slowly make your way along the flooded corridor – taking care not to disturb any of the Zurk eggs unnecessarily – until you reach the adjoining corridor to the left. Unfortunately, the way is blocked by a barricade of Zurk eggs.

Stray memories guide: The orange tabby runs along a corridor flooded by sewage. Further along the corridor, clusters of Zurk eggs are attached to the walls, held up by strange sinewy flesh

Clear them out using the Defluxor, then travel through the large sewer pipe to enter an enormous, pitch-black room. Hop onto the safety barrier to retrieve the first of the Stray memories in The Sewers.

Stray memories guide: The eponymous stray and B-12 observe a large circular pit infested with the strange, pink, sinewy Zurk flesh, with two disembodied red eyes staring back at them. There is a ladder on the left leading down into the pit, while a sickly yellow smoke is leaking out on the right

Zurk Flesh

One of the trickiest Stray memories to track down, finding the Zurk Flesh requires you to take a temporary detour after the long corridor teeming with red eyes and Zurk eggs. Leap down onto the large pipe at the end of the corridor, but don’t follow where it leads. Instead, approach the blocked section to the left until you receive the prompt to jump across to the smaller pipe running along the opposite wall.

Stray memories guide: The orange tabby standing upon a large waste pipe, ready to jump across a river of sewage to reach a smaller pipe set against the wall while B-12 looks on

Use the detritus as stepping stones to reach yet another sewer pipe that’s big enough to enter. Once you’re through, you should find an amalgamation of flesh and eyeballs growing out of a large pit. Approach it to receive the last Stray memory in The Sewers.


There are two Stray memories in Antvillage:

Stray memories guide: The orange tabby standing by the bridge leading to Antvillage that's strung up with fairy lights and bears a series of colourful notices declaring it a No Zurk Zone

Machine capsule

Primary Memory #3: This Stray memory is recovered during the cutscene that begins as you cross the bridge leading to Antvillage.

Stray memories guide: The eponymous stray and B-12 stand before a wall emblazoned with graffiti depicting letters from the robot language, next to a barrel filled with lamps and a worn, brown leather couch

Robot language graffiti

It’s worth mentioning that you only be able to retrieve this Stray memory once B-12 is ready to talk again, so you have to do some backtracking from Zbaltazar.

Return to the second floor of the treehouse where you first encountered the robots playing Mahjong and follow the platform around to find a robot asleep in front of a television. There’s a lot of graffiti in this area, but the white lettering on the wall to the right of the sofa contains the Stray memory.


There are seven Stray memories in Midtown:

Stray memories guide: The eponymous stray and B-12 entering the subway station during a cutscene, with a row of red plastic chairs set into the wall beneath a giant glowing screen on the right, and the inactive subway car on the left

Subway Station

Primary Memory #4: Yep, you guessed it – this memory is recovered during a cutscene as you enter the subway station at the beginning of the chapter.

Stray memories guide: The orange tabby standing in front of four bookcases half-filled with books, while a robot swaddled in a blanket sits on a nearby rug


The second of the Midtown Stray memories can be found just before you step out onto the streets of Midtown itself. After you’ve travelled up the subway escalator and through the gap in the chain-link fence, you should see a makeshift home to your right that’s partially obscured by hanging blankets. Head to the row of books containing the Stray memory by their tell-tale blue glow.

Stray memories guide: The orange tabby looking on at the cosy spot, a floral mattress with a menagerie of cushions piled on top of it in all manner of shapes and colours

Cosy spot

If you’ve read our Stray beginners guide, you’ll know that the neon signs scattered throughout Stray aren’t just there for the aesthetic – they can also point you to hidden areas.

Stray memories guide: The orange tabby standing at the mouth of the alleyway between a compact delivery vehicle and the barbershop. At the end of the alleyway, a floating neon arrow can be seen pointing to the left

The giant neon arrow that’s halfway along the alleyway opposite the bar is one of the more obvious, identifiable by the same colour blue as the light that emits from all Stray memories.

Stray memories guide: The eponymous stray mid-leap up from a blue awning to a dual air con unit that's sat next to a bright blue neon sign

Go down the stairs and use the bin near the robot sweeping to make your way onto the awning. From there, hop along the string of air-con units and up to the ledge lined with beer bottles. The cosy spot is to the right, against the wall.

Stray memories guide: The orange tabby and B-12 in the cramped loft full of detritus, including a basketball, a ladder, and a couple of framed photographs


The next Stray memory is inside the barbershop, just to the right of the alleyway opposite the bar. The door to the barbershop is closed, so use the open window to gain entry.

Stray memories guide: The eponymous stray leaping up to a dark loft area from a shelf above the yellow neon sign in the barbershop, knocking empty jars over in the process.

From there, jump onto the yellow neon sign from the arm of the sofa to reach the barbershop’s loft. This space is dark and cramped, but you can find the Stray memory by following the blue light to a stack of photographs.

Stray memories guide: The orange tabby and B-12 standing within the insulation cavity of Midtown’s restaurant, including pipes, structural beams, and wiring

Street food

Make your way to the restaurant in the main square of Midtown, just around the corner from the bar. Once inside, jump onto the counter and then across to the ledge lined with flowerpots. There’s a hole in the restaurant’s ceiling directly above you – if the prompt to reach it doesn’t pop up straight away, try adjusting your position on the ledge. There’s no clear object attached to this Stray memory, so you have to rely on the blue glow to recover it.

Stray memories: The eponymous stray and B-12 standing in front of a framed photograph of a sentinel, one of the anti-cat drones roaming the city, that stands out amongst a wallpaper of wanted posters and faded advertisements.

Sentinel photograph

The photograph of a Neco Corp anti-cat drone can be easily spotted in the window of the police station while exploring Midtown. However, there’s no way to retrieve it prior to breaking into the factory, so don’t waste your time trying to find a way to sneak inside prematurely.

If you need a hand collecting the disguise for Blazer, check out our guide to stealing the Stray worker jacket and hat. Once you’ve returned to Midtown with the atomic battery, head through the open door and recover the Stray memory with no further issue.

Stray memories guide: The orange tabby standing in front of a table holding a bottle of wine and three beer bottles in a cellar with beer kegs stacked up against the wall


This Stray memory can be found in the nightclub, which only becomes accessible once you’ve returned to Midtown after breaking into the factory.

Stray memories guide: The eponymous stray stands in a dumbwaiter that's in the middle of a back bar surrounded by glasses, bottles of alcohol, and a sink overflowing with dishes

Once you’ve entered the nightclub by climbing through the upstairs window around the back, head to the bar and use the dumbwaiter to access the cellar. The collection of alcohol is sitting on the table in the centre of the room.


There’s one Stray memory in Jail:

Stray memories guide: The orange tabby and B-12 look on at the remains of a robot prisoner lying against a Neco Corp bin that's propped against a chain-link fence topped with barbed wire


The penultimate Stray memory can be found while you’re escaping from the jail with Clementine – after you’ve rescued B-12, of course. Before you can retrieve it, you must trick the sentinel standing guard to enter the nearby cell by attracting its attention and leading it inside. Dodge around it by using the boxes as cover, then hack the door before it can escape. If you’re not quick enough to leave before the door closes, you can still leave the cell by slipping between the bars.

Stray memories: The eponymous stray hiding behind boxes covered in tarpaulin within a cell overgrown with weeds as an anti-cat sentinel searches for him, its yellow searchlight shining through the darkness

Once the sentinel is trapped, Clementine is free to cross the yard and open the gate it was guarding. Before you head through into the next compound, head to the right to find the remains of a prisoner slumped against a bin.

Control Room

There’s one Stray memory in Control Room:

Stray memories: The orange tabby and B-12 walking along a large concrete security corridor that ends in a set of automatic doors labelled Control Room.

Control room

Primary Memory #5: The final Stray memory is recovered during the cutscene immediately after you disable the security panel and enter the control room.

Congratulations, you’ve recovered all 27 Stray memories! For your efforts, you receive the ‘I Remember!’ achievement, as well as a very snazzy pearlescent backpack that you can wear on that save slot in perpetuity. If you’re looking to 100% Stray, have a gander at our guide on how to unlock ‘A Little Chatty’ and a few other Stray achievements. Alternatively, check out our Stray review to see if we enjoyed our journey across the Walled City.