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Becoming a Twitch streamer now costs less, thanks to Streamplify

Streamplify is a new range of accessories that could make Streaming, content creation, and podcasting easier than ever

Streamplify webcam on tripod

Streaming your favourite games on Twitch and YouTube is rewarding, but achieving the best streaming setup can be daunting. Not only do you have a bucket load of accessory specs to consider, but to get the most out of your webcam, you’ll need to think about things like lighting and the best microphone for the job. Thankfully, a new streaming brand just launched that could help make getting started easy and affordable, and it has a clever name to boot.

Branded as Streamplify, the new collection covers a lot of ground, whether you’re a hobbyist or an aspiring professional. As the pun implies, the company’s mission is to simplify content creation, whether you’re on Twitch, making YouTube videos, or podcasting.

Of course, cost is also a huge factor when it comes to game streaming gizmos, as specialist hardware comes at a premium price point. While you could just head to a random storefront and buy the cheapest, unbranded accessories listed, Streamplify’s range aims to balance price and performance, meaning you can spend remarkably less and still maintain excellent quality.

Streamplify’s collection of wallet-friendly accessories includes an RBG microphone (paired with either a tripod or arm), a 1080p 60fps webcam, two ring lights, and a hydraulic lift green screen. To give you an idea of how affordable this range is, Logitech’s Streamcam will set you back £139, while Streamplify’s similarly spec’d alternative comes in at £59.99.

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The new Streamplify range is already available at Overclockers UK, and it’ll be available via Caseking internationally later this month. It’s worth mentioning that while each product is available separately, you can also buy starter, pro, and complete bundles, which come in at £129.95, £199.99, and £329.95 respectively.