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The most popular Street Fighter 6 character is the one you hate

One Street Fighter 6 character has proven themselves the people's champion, pulling ahead of the rest to claim the top spot in the game's first week.

The most popular Street Fighter 6 character is the one you hate: A blond woman in a blue and red leather combat jacket stretches her arm across her chest wearing a cropped black shirt

The best thing about Street Fighter 6 is the vast array of characters that you can take to the titular streets as. There’s familiar faces from the fighting game‘s past, as well as some new challengers who are seeking to topple titans like Ryu and Chun-Li. These newcomers haven’t quite managed to rise above their predecessors yet, though, as it turns out the most popular character in Street Fighter 6 at the moment is one we all love to hate.

According to research from u/geco_420, Ken is currently the most popular Street Fighter 6 character, flanked by Ryu in second place and British bombshell Cammy in third.

Their data was obtained via the Street Fighter 6 website using the Buckler’s Boot Camp stats. PCGamesN has verified this data, but we checked a day later so the numbers have changed slightly. This is to be expected, though, as new players are joining all the time – especially in the wake of Summer Games Fest’s DLC announcement last night.

Ken sits at the top of the list with a whopping 55,508 picks (57,502 as of the time of writing, seen in the screenshot below), so it’s no wonder you’ve been seeing him in literally every online match. According to our Street Fighter experts, his fire punch just looks too cool to pass up, which makes him a cooler-looking pick than long-time rival, Ryu.

A screenshot showing multiple different Ken players in Street Fighter 6, as well as the total number in the top right corner

Ryu is in second place with 44,279 players, though, which isn’t too shabby, but is still 10k down on his brother in arms. Cammy clocks in at 41,210 in third place, again unsurprising given how much the community loves her.

By contrast, the ever-changing, overly-flexible Dhalsim sits at the bottom of the pile with only 5,560 players – that’s 50k less than Ken. Other than genuinely giving me slight anxiety anytime I see him, the character is both Tricky and high difficulty, both of which are red flags to newer players.

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The shocker for me, however, is my beloved Chun-Li. Sitting towards the back of the pack at 16,430 players, I put this down to how complex she is to play. I love her, and I will always love her, but the vast majority of players have given her the boot.

If you’re wondering which member of the Street Fighter 6 roster you should pick up, we have a Street Fighter 6 tier list to help you out – after all, popularity doesn’t matter when your battling it out in the ring.