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All Street Fighter 6 voice actors

If you want to know more about the Street Fighter 6 voice actors, as well as who some of the in-game commentary team are, we detail some of their previous work.

Street Fighter 6 voice actors - Ryu is meditating.

Who are all of the main Street Fighter 6 voice actors? Chances are that you won’t immediately tweak who these voices are or where you’ve heard them before, but as soon as someone tells you, you have that moment of enlightenment. This is especially the case for Street Fighter 6, as several names of voice actors sound very familiar, but we couldn’t immediately place them.

So to highlight these talented individuals, we thought we’d list all the Street Fighter 6 voice actors. In addition, the fighting game has a sizeable roster of in-game commentary voices that react to the action during every match. Please note that we only focus on the English voice actors for the Street Fighter 6 roster and some key characters from the World Tour story mode. This is because there are over 30 characters and voices for each, so the list is expansive already. That said, we will list all the Street Fighter 6 commentators for all languages. With that caveat in mind, let’s get to the list:

Lily is voiced by Tiana Camacho, one of the many Street Fighter 6 voice actors who is new to the series.

Street Fighter 6 voice actor list

Here are all of the Street Fighter 6 voice actors, starting with the main playable roster:

  • Ryu: Kyle Hebert
  • Ken: David Matranga
  • Chun-Li: Jennie Kwan
  • Guile: Ray Chase
  • Zangief: Peter Beckman
  • Blanka: Luis Bermudez
  • Dhalsim: Keith Silverstein
  • E.Honda: Joe Dimucci
  • Cammy: Caitlin Glass
  • Dee Jay: Zeno Robinson
  • Juri: Jessica Straus
  • Luke: Aleks Le
  • Jamie: Stephen Fu
  • Kimberly: Anairis Quiñones
  • Manon: Cherami Leigh
  • Marisa: Allegra Clark
  • Lily: Tiana Camacho
  • JP: Wally Wingert

Several well-known voice actors in anime and video games return to lend their voices to the main cast. Kyle Hebert has been Ryu since Street Fighter 4 but is also best known as the voice of Adult Gohan in Dragon Ball Z. Peter Beckman (Zangief) voices Golbez in any Final Fantasy game the character appears in, such as the Dissidia spinoff or the 3D remake, while Keith Silverstein (Dhalsim) was previously Mahesh and Gouken in Street Fighter 5. Both Caitlin Glass (Cammy) and Jessica Straus (Juri) also reprise their roles, with Caitlin also providing the voice for Mina Ashido in My Hero Academia, and Jessica is a legendary videogame voice actress with roles in Diablo 2: Resurrected as the Amazon, and Supervisor White in Fallout 4.

There are a few newcomers as well. David Matranga, who voices Ken, provides the voice for Shoto Todoroki in My Hero Academia, while Jennie Kwan (Chun-Li) has been the voice for Sonoko Suzuki in the more recent Detective Conan dubs. Ray Chase (Guile) is Nick Fury in Marvel Midnight Suns and Professor Cerise in the Pokemon: Ultimate Journeys anime. As for the new characters, the one that stands out is Wally Wingert, who is Rufus in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and The Riddler in the Batman Arkham series.

Li-Fen is a World Tour character voiced by Cassandra Lee Morris - one of many Street Fighter 6 voice actors.

Street Fighter 6 World Tour voice actors

There are several named characters listed below, but multiple people also voice the player-controlled avatar. Male avatar voice actors include Zach Aguilar, Kimo, J. Michael Tatum, John Patneaude, Alejandro Saab, Jordan Reynolds, Jason Marnocha, and Doug Stone. Female avatar voice actors include Xanthe Huynh, Kimberly Woods, Amber Lee Connors, Dawn M. Bennett, Ryan Bartley, Larissa Galagher, PJ Mattson, and Ellyn Stern.

  • Bosch: Griffin Puatu
  • Uou/Sao: Nazeeh Tarsha
  • Thrasher Damnd: Arthur Romeo
  • Li-Fen: Cassandra Lee Morris
  • Rudra: Bill Butts
  • Elissa: Lauren Amante
  • Chandi: Anjali Kunapaneni
  • Punch: Mike Smith
  • Rewancha: Andrew Kishino
  • Yua: Jenny Yokobori
  • Kalima: Laila Lakhani
  • Alice: Erin Yvette
  • Eternity: Vittorio Wyatt Gray
  • Singing Wolf: Dino Andrade
  • Carlos Miyamoto: Kaiji Tang
  • Retsu: Ben Balmaceda
  • Mel: Calvin Joyal
  • Oscar: Kellen Goff
  • Kina: Hunter Austin
  • Juni: Michelle Ruff
  • Announcer: Larry Herron

Notable voice actors here include Griffin Puatu, who voices Ganke Lee in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Nazeeh Tarsha, who is Alhaitham in Genshin Impact, and Cassandra Lee Morris, who is the English voice actor for Morgana in Persona 5.

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Street Fighter 6 commentators

Here are all of the voices you can hear if you wish to fight in matches with the Street Fighter 6 commentary team enabled:

  • Aru
  • Jeremy “Vicious” Lopez
  • Kosuke Hiraiwa
  • Steve “Tasty Steve” Scott
  • His Excellency Demon Kakka
  • Thea Trinidad
  • Hikaru Takahashi
  • James “jchensor” Chen

Many of the names here come from the Japanese side of the fighting game community. Ryutaro “Aru” Noda is a former player, now commentator, who has been the play-by-play voice for many Street Fighter 5 tournaments.,Kosuka Hiraiwa has also provided play-by-play commentary for Street Fighter 5 in the past, while both the musician His Excellency Demon Kakka and Japanese TV actress Hikaru Takahashi provide color commentary.

On the English commentary teams, you have Jeremy “Vicious” Lopez and Steve “Tasty Steve” Scott, who have both provided play-by-play commentary on the Capcom Pro Tour and other fighting game tournaments for English-speaking audiences for several years now. Another FGC commentary veteran, James Chen, provides the English color commentary, while the second color commentator is Thea Trinidad, better known as professional wrestler Zelina Vega, who is part of the active WWE roster and currently part of the LWO faction.

And those are all the Street Fighter 6 voice actors. There are many more talented people who we just didn’t have time to highlight their accomplishments, so we urge you to check them out. Perhaps you’ll hear them somewhere else in the future? If you’d rather play the game, check out our Street Fighter 6 tier list for all the best fighters, or perhaps the Street Fighter 6 World Tour upgrades locations for all the permanent stat buffs.